Philadelphia Sixers' First Month Grade

By Cody Williams
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The Philadelphia 76ers came into the 2014-15 NBA season with the same plan that they had for last season: be the worst team in the league. After the first month of the season, despite poor performances from many other teams around the league, the Sixers are undoubtedly succeeding in achieving their goal.

Philadelphia sits winless at 0-16 after the first month of the season and it’s been painful to watch. As they were in year one of Sam Hinkie’s plan last season, they were at least enjoyable because of the break-neck pace they played at and the excitement that style of play inherently lends itself to. This season, they have been a dumpster fire of awfulness.

One of the bright spots of last season was the play of eventual Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. The point guard showed a ton of promise as a player who can contribute in every facet of the game. However, he started the year sidelined with injuries and has struggled mightily since returning.

Many people were banking on Nerlens Noel to provide some optimism regarding the Sixers this season, but that hasn’t exactly panned out either. While he’s shown flashes of being the prospect that he’s believed to be, he’s more often than not looked like a young player getting overwhelmed by the NBA game. It’s nothing insurmountable, but it’s not been pretty.

If you’re looking for any hope regarding this team, the performance of rookie K.J. McDaniels has been a pleasure to watch. He’s adapted to the NBA quickly and deftly and looks like he is just at the beginning of a long and productive career.

While the plan has been all along for this team to be awful, one of the things that Philadelphia had to be looking for is promise and something to latch onto. They’ve barely given that so far this season, though. Given the destitute nature of how they’re season is started—no matter how planned it is—it’s hard to give this team anything close to a passing grade.

Final Grade: The Lowest of Fs

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