Kentucky's Harrison Twins Make Wrong Decision Declaring For NBA Draft

By Seth Lassen
Getty Images
Getty Images

After two years and two trips to the Final Four, Andrew and Aaron Harrison have reportedly decided to declare for the NBA Draft. According to Gary Parrish, a college basketball insider for CBS, the two guards from Kentucky are expected to formally announce their plans soon.

According to, the twins have both already settled on an agent. This decision was mostly the expected outcome, but it still leaves people wondering if it was the right option for both players to take. At the end of their freshman seasons last year, there was talk that at least Aaron would likely be a first-round pick. Instead, they both elected to stay to try to improve their draft stock, but failed to come close to accomplishing that goal this season. After proving to not be quite ready for the NBA, both of the Harrison twins will likely be drafted in the second round.

Neither player possesses the offensive skillset NBA scouts and general managers crave, and that’s the reason neither player is viewed as a top-notch prospect. On the other hand, it does take just one team to fall in love with their size and athletic ability for at least one twin to slip into the first round.

The Harrison twins simply chose the wrong time to declare. They both could have used another year of seasoning under John Calipari, and another year to develop on the offensive end of the floor.

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