Shaquille O'Neal Answers The MJ vs. LeBron Debate, Says Dr. J Was "The Best"

By Jeff Shull
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Shaquille O’Neal does not hesitate in answering the “who would win 1-on-1” MJ vs. LeBron debate.

The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate has raged on ever since the self-proclaimed “King” decided to don the No. 23 jersey from an early age. It’s honestly a debate that may never die, and one that deserves a quick death. We will never know who was better, so why can’t we just enjoy watching the current best player in the world?

But I digress.

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Check out what Shaq had to say on the matter.

“Mike,” said O’Neal when asked who would win 1-on-1. “I think you have to go with a young Jordan every time. It would be an interesting game. Young LeBron was more like Magic Johnson. He was sort of like Magic with Jordan’s abilities. He liked to pass, and he liked to get it up.”

“But Mike was Mike,” he continued. “He was just special, like no one else. He always did things no one else could do, and things you couldn’t compare to anyone else. So he was special, and he’d win.”

However, this is where things got interesting.

“I’ve seen young Mike and young LeBron and I must say Dr. J is still my favorite player. A lot of people today don’t even mention his name but to me I still think he was the best. But these are questions that we’ll never know the answer to.”

It’s always interesting to hear the perspective of all-time greats in regards to their peers. Shaq has certainly earned the right to have whatever opinion he wants.

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