Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant Gets The Veteran He Needs

By Brendan Patel
Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea – USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant has always been a tough-minded leader, pushing his teammates to the limit just as he would himself. He has had his fair share of run-ins with teammates in the past, but has also won five championships that prove he is a winner. Now, he finds himself in a difficult situation with a young Los Angeles Lakers roster that has struggled in recent years. They have added some veterans in free agency, but Metta World Peace may be the one who can bridge the gap between Bryant and the rest of the team.

The Lakers may not be championship contenders, but you can expect Bryant to give it his all every game and try to will his team to the playoffs. This includes motivating the younger players, who are still developing and adapting to the professional game. It is easy to say things will go well before the season starts, but if the losses start piling up, things could go bad very quickly.

Adding World Peace to the training camp roster is a good move with an eye on the future. World Peace is no longer the defensive menace that he once was, but he is a hard-worker who has had his share of ups and downs in the league. He has won a championship with Bryant, and could possibly be the veteran presence that the team needs in the locker room.

The younger players will need someone to go to when things are not going well during the season, and World Peace has matured significantly since entering the league. He can help them with the little things to become successful, as well as making sure that tensions do not get out of hand between teammates. He is an intimidating presence who can push teammates but can also be a helping hand as well. If he can make the roster, he could be a valuable member of the team even if his floor contributions are not as great as they once were.

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