Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle Has Been Impressive So Far This Preseason

By Brendan Patel
Richard Mackson - USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of hope for Julius Randle last year, after the Los Angeles Lakers spent a high draft pick on him. He had a very good freshman season in college, and his strength and athleticism made him a good bet to make an immediate impact in the league. Unfortunately he was injured during the first game, and had to sit out the rest of his rookie year. There have been other star players who have missed a year due to injury, but were still able to come back strong. The Lakers are hoping that Randle can be another one of those players.

So far this preseason, Randle has looked like one of the better players on the roster. He has shown a lot of confidence on offense, which has resulted in solid production. Randle is shooting over 50 percent from the field and averaging double-digit points. He has shown off his versatile offensive game, which allows him to attack from different areas of the floor.

He is comfortable bringing the ball up the court and starting the offense, which is extremely valuable when he pulls down a rebound. He is very good at squaring up his man and attacking off of the dribble, putting his defender on his heels. He has done a better job of finishing at the rim, something he struggled with during the summer league. He has even shown a better touch on his jump shot, and he must continue to develop his range.

Randle will surely receive plenty of minutes this season, and will have every opportunity to prove himself on the court. The Lakers have some good offensive weapons, and Randle should be able to put up solid numbers. He is a key part of the organization’s future, and his development is vital for the Lakers to be successful.


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