Larry Nance Jr. Looks Ready To Make An Impact For Los Angeles Lakers In 2015-16

By Steve Smith
Larry Nance Jr
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Being a rookie in the NBA sometimes has its moments of nervousness and anxiety attached to it. Some may even call it the “pre-show jitters”. But Larry Nance Jr. is showing not only Los Angeles Lakers fans but all NBA fans in this preseason that he seems ultimately ready and willing to make his mark on the league, while putting on a show in the meantime.

The pressure of developing into an NBA player doesn’t seem to faze Nance Jr. as he has been conducting a calm, cool and collected demeanor every time he gets on the court. He knows how good he is. He’s just ready for the opportunity to show the entire world.

As the Lakers attempt to revamp the franchise this year, Nance Jr. could become a spark plug off the bench that could ignite the offense, as well as the home crowd, in a way that the likes of Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar used to do during their time in Los Angeles. His aggressive style and incredible leaping ability may be just what this struggling Lakers team needs.

With a massive dunk that posterized Festus Ezeli in last Saturday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors, Nance Jr. showed exactly what he has in store for this upcoming season. After seeing how amazingly high he leaped for that one-handed dunk that excited the crowd, one can bet that perhaps someday he will be able to imitate his father, Larry Nance, and win a Slam Dunk Contest.

While that would be a remarkable accolade for the young forward, the reality is that he’ll need to outshine the likes of Brandon Bass, Ryan Kelly and the returning Metta World Peace this year in order to see enough playing time. However, if World Peace decides to elbow somebody and get suspended again, which we all know is highly possible, that could certainly contribute to the increase of Nance Jr.’s playing time.

Although he will most likely be sitting on the bench alongside the other young talented Lakers for most of the games this season, all Nance Jr. will need is that one moment to show off his astonishing athleticism that will create a highlight the fans will remember the next morning. Whether it be a highlight slam dunk, a crazy blocked shot, or a loose ball dive into the crowd, Nance Jr. has the ability and mindset to become a viable player in the NBA and assist the Lakers in their playoff quest this upcoming season.

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