Chicago Bulls Should Attempt To Trade Joakim Noah To Washington Wizards For Nene Hilario

By Dylan Mitchell
Nene Joakim Noah Washington Wizards Chicago Bulls Trade
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Both Nene Hilario and Joakim Noah are going to be serving reduced roles on their respective teams this season. The Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards may want to at least take a look at a potential trade that would swap the two.

Nobody wants to change roles, especially on a team where they have been a focal point for the past few years. The biggest purpose this trade would serve is getting two players out of situations that may become awkward and give them new scenery to play in.

Noah will be spending over half of this season coming off Chicago’s bench, which would be the first time he has done so in his NBA career since being drafted out of Florida. Even though he is accepting his new role, he could highly benefit Washington.

DeJuan Blair is the projected backup center this season for the Wizards, and Noah would be a huge upgrade over him. Even though Blair has impressed thus far in the preseason, if Washington plans on competing for a title, they need to find a more suitable option.

Nene is still an impact player, but Randy Wittman’s decisions in the preseason are proving that he has moved on from the big Brazilian. With a team that uses a traditional power forward much more, he could have a bigger role with the Bulls.

Trading the two bigs for one another may favor the Bulls a bit more, but there are positives on both sides of the deal. Giving each player a new home could serve as a huge benefit  to both players, as well as both teams.

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