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Washington Wizards Are Not Yet Mentally Strong Enough

Washington Wizards Not Mentally Strong

Kent Smith-NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards experienced a huge fourth quarter collapse at the hand of the Charlotte Hornets due to their lack of mental strength. Games like this one prove how much the team misses a veteran presence like Paul Pierce, and shows how their talented youth still have a long ways to go.

When the games in the NBA and certain plays start to go the other team’s way, the Wizards begin to shut down and stop playing for the team. This was very evident in the loss to the Charlotte Hornets, in which Charlotte went on a little run that turned into a huge run, and Washington was unable to rebound because they stopped focusing on getting the right shot.

Instead of taking contested shots after falling behind, Washington should have been mentally strong enough to notice they still had a chance to win the game rather than feeling it was out of reach. Maybe they blew a 9-point lead, but they were right there until they proved to be a mentally weak team.

Whether it is a veteran like Jared Dudley, or a younger player like John Wall, somebody has to step on the floor and get the team under control by being a leader. Being prepared is one thing, but playing the right way is totally different. Somebody has to get the team on the same page.

This issue is already known, and will be seen by the entire team right away when they take a look at the film from their loss. Somebody will step up and get this team under control once they notice success is only a team meeting away.