San Antonio Spurs Can Catch Golden State Warriors In The Standings

By Dave Daniels

The San Antonio Spurs are right where they want to be. They’re out of the national spotlight, because the Golden State Warriors are making a run at winning more than 72 games. This would count as the best regular season in NBA history.

The Spurs, though, are one of the true contenders in the league. The Warriors didn’t have to deal with them last postseason due to a bogus playoff seeding rule, and that won’t be in place this time around. The Spurs might even be better suited for the postseason than Golden State. Don’t get me wrong, the Warriors are super fun to watch, and they have made this regular season worth enjoying despite all of the atrocious play from other teams in the league.

But it is all about defense in the playoffs, and the Spurs can match up with them in that regard.

Also, Gregg Popovich is no slouch as a coach. He has figured out ways to stop stars like LeBron James in the past, and so it would be foolish to count this team out before they get a chance to prove themselves. Another point to consider is that Popovich coached Warriors head coach Steve Kerr during his playing career, and Pops might have picked up on some potential weaknesses to exploit during a playoff series.

The Spurs are only three games behind the Warriors as of Wednesday afternoon, and they play Golden State three more times this season. If San Antonio somehow wins all of those games, then they would likely get guaranteed four home games in every series of the playoffs.

Tim Duncan is a proven champion, and these Spurs can catch the Warriors in this race. Even if they don’t, then they might best Golden State in a playoff series. And coach Kerr should be highly concerned about his crew becoming complacent before the playoffs arrive.

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