Philadelphia 76ers Need To Focus On Player Development In 2015-16 Stretch Run

By Brendan Patel

The Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the worst teams over the past several seasons, and they continue to stockpile picks in hopes of striking gold in the draft. They have a lot of youth, but it is unclear who will still be on the roster next season, as they just do not have the talent to compete. There are several players with potential, and the 76ers need to make sure they are focusing on their development to close the season.

Losing can be contagious, and it is hard for these players with such a young roster, many of whom have not had success so far in the league. The team could have several high draft picks, and they need to start finding game-changers to add to their roster. They have a lot of cap space, but it is unlikely that many players will want to head their direction, given how poorly they have played. It will be hard for them to be competitive next year, but a little bit of luck in the draft could change the direction of the franchise.

Guys like Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel could develop into impact players down the road, and the Sixers do have guys with the ability to be effective role players. The organization needs to continue giving these players playing time and making sure that they are pushing them to get better despite the losing record. It is easy to develop bad habits when constantly losing, so it is important that the coaches make sure they are instilling discipline in their top players to prevent this from happening.

The 76ers still have a long way to go, and changes in management could mean that the team will focus on winning sooner rather than later. They have some pieces to work with, but they need to keep pushing their players to get better. A big key for them as an organization will be to develop their younger players for the future.

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