Memphis Grizzlies Would Be Crazy To Keep Lance Stephenson Over 2016 Offseason

By Frank Ewere

The Memphis Grizzlies gave everything they had in their series against the San Antonio Spurs, but they still couldn’t manage to win a game. The Grizzlies weren’t a very talented team after the injuries. Marc Gasol only played in 52 games and he missed the playoffs. Mike Conley only played 56 games this season and he too missed the playoffs.

Conley has been vague about re-signing with the team next season. Vince Carter might retire because he has been around for a while and he has nothing to show for it. Now that it is looking as if the team needs to rebuild, the organization needs to make some choices. The first decision the team should make is getting rid of Lance Stephenson.

Stephenson has a team option for his contract next season. Stephenson did average 14.2 points per game, but it’s not as if the Grizzlies had anyone else other than Zach Randolph who could get their own shot. Stephenson didn’t produce with the Los Angeles Clippers or the Charlotte Hornets, and that’s with him coming off the bench and facing second-unit players.

Stephenson also has an erratic type of personality. He can easily get frustrated when things don’t get in his way. There were a couple of times when he was visibly frustrated just because he couldn’t get open against Kawhi Leonard, a player that is the best defender in the league and the two-time Defensive Player of the Year.

A couple of years ago, Stephenson should have stayed with the Indiana Pacers when he had the chance. He was their second best player and he had a case to be possibly voted in as an All-Star by the coaches. Now, he has to wonder what will happen to his career. Stephenson has a place in the NBA because he has some talent, but that place shouldn’t be with the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies need perimeter players like Carter. Carter is stable, mature and he is a reliable shooter. The Grizzlies need stability and Stephenson doesn’t have that.

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