New York Knicks Should Do Everything Possible To Sign Joakim Noah

By Kareem Gantt

The New York Knicks want either Joakim Noah or Dwight Howard to join their ever-improving roster and help bring the team back to respectability in the East. Forget Howard. The Knicks should do everything in their power to get Noah to New York.

All signs point to Noah being a much better fit in the Big Apple than Howard. First and foremost, he has a special bond with new Knicks starting point guard Derrick Rose. Many people dismiss this fact, but it’s one that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Rose’s transition from the Windy City to New York would be much easier if Noah was on board.

But his relationship with Rose is not the only reason the Knicks should target Noah this offseason. One of New York’s biggest weaknesses is a big man who can protect the paint, and that is basically how Noah earned his star power.

Though he is getting up there in age, Noah is still a capable rim protector and defender, and he could very well be a great mentor to Kristaps Porzingis, who would no doubt benefit from learning how to play interior defense from one of the NBA’s best at doing so.

Noah to New York makes so much sense. It would be devastating if they missed out on him, because he would bring much-needed toughness and intensity to a team that has grown soft over the years.

It’s time for the Knicks’ front office to play ball and do everything in their power to bring Noah to Madison Square Garden.

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