Seth Curry Tells Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe That He's a Better Shooter Than Steph

By Jason Fletcher

Seth Curry was a guest on FOX Sports 1’s Undisputed on Tuesday and he used his time on TV to fire some shots at his brother, Steph.

Curry told Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe that he believes he’s a better shooter than Steph despite the popular opinion that Steph’s the best shooter in the game.

Last season was Seth’s first with a regular role in the NBA and he shot 48.1 percent from the field and 42.5 percent from three-point range while Steph shot 46.8 from the field and 41.1 from three.

But for their careers, Steph is shooting 47.6 from the field and 43.8 percent from three while Seth is shooting 47.3 from the field and 43.2 percent from three.

Here’s what Seth had to say:

Who do you think is the better shooting Curry?

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