LeBron James Working Out With Russell Westbrook In Vegas Sparks New Superteam Rumors

By Timothy Downs

On Friday, it was reported LeBron James worked out with Russell Westbrook, Eric Bledsoe, Derrick Rose and other NBA players in Las Vegas.

Bledsoe has already been talked about as a potential piece in a hypothetical trade between the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers, so the main headline to emerge from the workout was the idea of LeBron and Russ teaming up (most likely with the Los Angeles Lakers) next summer when both players can become unrestricted free agents.

Let’s be honest: It’s way to early for anyone to have a true grasp of what both of these top-5 players intend to do after the 2017-18 NBA season.

However, the upcoming campaign projects to be laden with enough plot twists and storylines to make a soap opera jealous as all 29 teams not named Golden State Warriors scramble to build the next impregnable juggernaut.

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