Los Angeles Lakers Sign Summer League Stud Jordan Clarkson

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The Los Angeles Lakers have signed the 46th overall draft pick Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson was a virtually unknown player entering the draft, and many were skeptical when the Lakers traded cash considerations to acquire him in the second round. The […]

Kobe Bryant Needs 593 Points to Pass Scoring Milestone

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While the summer has been dominated by big names such as LeBron James, Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, many seem to have forgotten about Kobe Bryant. Sure, he is turning 36 years of age this upcoming week, and yes, he is […]

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Roster Is Questionable Even With Kevin Love

LeBron James

It finally seems like we are getting clarity on the last big name during this offseason. Kevin Love told the Minnesota Timberwolves he wanted to win ages ago, and they have done nothing to appease their superstar. Love has also […]

Minnesota Timberwolves: Are Fans Really Sold on Handshake Deal?

Kevin Love Trade

The only news that seems to be running across the ticker is also news that many have claimed foreseeable. That news is none other than the smoke screen daily talks between many teams and the Minnesota Timberwolves, who currently have […]

Indiana Pacers Take Another Blow to Season After Paul George’s Leg Injury

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The Indiana Pacers have had a bumpy offseason thus far. They were bounced out of the playoffs without reaching the NBA finals, something that they themselves envisioned playing in. After the disappointing playoff run, the focus was how would Larry Bird handle […]

Michael Beasley Could be Interesting Fit with Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Beasley

The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to bolster their roster since the regular season ended. As free agency started, the Lakers were hopeful they would land a big name to pair alongside Hall-of-Fame shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately they […]

Los Angeles Lakers: What Byron Scott Can Provide

Byron Scott

The Los Angeles Lakers have been taking their time, turning over every rock to see who will be the next coach of the purple and gold. The coaching position has been a bit of a problem of late for the […]

Los Angeles Lakers: Jordan Clarkson Shines Brightest In the Vegas Lights

Toronto Raptors v Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers made a quiet move during the draft weeks ago. They traded with the Washington Wizards, who had only one pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. The Lakers traded $1.8 million in cash considerations for the rights to […]

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Kevin Love Could Be the Missing Piece

Kevin Love Timberwolves

The fever pitch around everything Kevin Love is at an all-time high. The Love sweepstakes have now become the biggest story left in the offseason, and rightfully so. Love is the game’s best power forward, so its only right that […]

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Shouldn’t Be Traded For

Eric Bledsoe Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a forgetful offseason thus far, after striking out on the big-name free agents. Gaining the talents of LeBron James was a pipe dream, but who can fault Lakers faithful for hoping? The more tangible player […]

Minnesota Timberwolves Must Trade Kevin Love to Golden State Warriors

Kevin Love

The Kevin Love sweepstakes took a back seat in the news as the entire league waited and watched where LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were going to take their talents this summer. As both elected to sign back to the […]

The Truth About Paul Pierce Going To The Washington Wizards

washington wizards

The Washington Wizards seem to have finally arrived as contenders in the watered down Eastern Conference. Their nucleus of John Wall, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, and Marcin Gortat vaulted them to a second round appearance in the playoffs this past […]