2013 NBA Finals: LeBron James Must Fulfill His Destiny

Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

Hands down, no questions asked, LeBron James is the most dominating player in the NBA as of now. He can do it all: he can score, he can rebound, he can assist, he can block and he can steal. His stats speak for themselves. […]

2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Under Fire

Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat fell short of a victory in Game 2. Any objective person acknowledges that the Indiana Pacers should be leading the series 2-0. Nevertheless, the Pacers managed to even the series 1-1, winning Game 2 in Miami. So […]

Miami Heat: The Pace is Set for Eastern Conference Finals

Paul George-USA Today Sports

Many are anticipating — even wishfully thinking — that the Miami Heat will go to the NBA Finals again this year. Nevertheless, after watching last night’s game, if LeBron James and Dwayne Wade thought that it would be an express […]

Memphis Grizzlies Claw Into Western Conference Finals

Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

If you anticipated another Miami Heat-Oklahoma City Thunder showdown in the NBA Finals, you’ve been disappointed. Kevin Durant and OKC have been thunder struck — and yes, the pain is unbearable. Making their first appearance in the Western Conference Finals, the Memphis […]

Can Chicago Bulls Upset Miami Heat?

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The Miami Heat opened up the second round of the 2013 NBA playoffs with a loss — at home. They had just defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 4-0 in the first round. With enough time to rest, practice, and be prepared for […]

Brandon Jennings: April’s Fool!

andRe Christos Helios Rant Sports

It was a laughing matter from the moment he opened his mouth. Milwaukee Bucks’ point guard, Brandon Jennings, foolishly tweeted that the Miami Heat would face defeat in the first round at the hooves of the Bucks. Jennings should have […]

Miami Heat Are No Matadors as the Chicago Bulls End Their Streak

Rob Grabowski USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat’s winning streak has come to an end. This must be great news to Heat antagonists. If you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan, you probably wanted the Heat’s winning streak to fizzle out, too. We definitely know that […]

Miami Heat: Will Fire Still Burn in Windy City?

Steve Mitchell USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are now at 27 consecutive wins. They just defeated their Sunshine State rival, the Orlando Magic. But they will not be playing tonight in Florida. Instead, they will be visiting the Chicago Bulls in the Windy City. Should […]

LeBron James is Epic: Triple-Double Heroics Keep Streak Alive

David Richard USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Miami Heat last night. With all the talk of the Heat, their winning streak, and LeBron James returning to Cleveland, this seemed like the opportunity for something big to happen. By half time, it looked like […]

LeBron James: The Standard of Athleticism

Greg M. Cooper

This wasn’t the American Airlines Arena. This wasn’t the Charlotte Bobcats. Yet, LeBron James mustered up eye-popping numbers last night: 37 points, seven rebounds, 12 assists, two steals and two blocks against the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden. Although […]

LeBron James, Miami Heat: Lucky Charms vs. Boston Celtics

Greg M. Cooper USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James did it again! He showed you a little magic of his own in Orlando when the Miami Heat‘s winning streak was about to come to an end, scoring a layup that put the Heat up by two. Playing […]

Miami Heat: The Team to Beat

Brace Hemmelgarn USA TODAY Sports

Since becoming a conglomerate of talented players–LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and now more recently Ray Allen and Chris Anderson–the Miami Heat has become two things: loathed for its star power and the team to beat. During The Decision, […]