Mitch Kupchak Needs to Make Some Off-Season Moves

Dwight Howard, Mitch Kupchak

The end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ season approaches, and we Laker fans can’t help but accept the failure that this year has been. The reasons for such an unremarkable season are numerous, and at this point, can’t fall on the […]

2013 NBA Playoffs: The Los Angeles Lakers are Doomed

Tony Parker, Pau Gasol

Tragedy has once more reared its ugly head at the expense of the Los Angeles Lakers. The season has been marred with turmoil, disappointment, and injuries. The latter of the aforementioned continues to plague the Lakers now, despite being in […]

2013 NBA Playoffs: Los Angeles Lakers are in Need of a Miracle

Pau Gasol, Steve Nash

I watched Wednesday night’s game with a consuming feeling of anger and disappointment. The Los Angeles Lakers were staying toe-to-toe with the San Antonio Spurs for most of the game, but were simply unable to gain any advantage over their […]

Steve Nash and Steve Blake Should Switch Positions

Steve Nash, Steve Blake

After watching the game this past Sunday it’s clear to many of us that a huge dilemma for the Los Angeles Lakers is offense. The Lakers couldn’t score to save their lives, and if they had just managed a better […]

Los Angeles Lakers Need More Offensive Production

Los Angeles Lakers

What an unfortunate start to the Los Angeles Lakers’ postseason. It definitely didn’t go down how I expected it to, but it’s only the first game of the series. However, in order for the Lakers to win Game 2 they’ll […]

Los Angeles Lakers’ Keys to Victory Against the San Antonio Spurs

Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan

This Sunday the Los Angeles Lakers have an opportunity to silence the critics, to prove their worth and show the league that the Lakers are a franchise to always be feared. The San Antonio Spurs are talented, and experienced, so […]

What’s Going to Happen to the Los Angeles Lakers After Playoffs?

Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol

What a great finish for the Los Angeles Lakers! They managed to defeat the Houston Rockets in a nail-biter of a battle to clinch the 7th seed. Thanks to Pau Gasol’s triple double, and Dwight Howard’s impressive double double with […]

Steve Nash Needs to Return for Los Angeles Lakers to Advance in Playoffs

Steve Nash

I’d like to begin by providing a disclaimer, I’ve always been a huge fan of Steve Nash, and was extremely excited when I found out he had joined the Los Angeles Lakers. But I, like everyone who is a fan […]

Los Angeles Lakers Have Opportunity for 7th Seed

Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan

What a shocker to us all this season has been! The expectations for the Los Angeles Lakers were astronomical! Many of us saw the roster Micth Kupchak assembled prior to the start of the season, and many of us believed […]

Los Angeles Lakers have One Major Hurdle to Overcome

Jeremy Lin, Metta World Peace

Bad news Los Angeles Lakers fans, the Utah Jazz defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, which means the 8th playoff spot in the Western Conference is not secured quite yet. A loss by the Jazz would have solidified the Lakers playoff appearance, but […]

Los Angeles Lakers Need Consistency out of Antawn Jamison and Steve Blake

Steve Blake

I would like to start by just saying how proud I was to see the Los Angeles Lakers manage to corral a victory against the San Antonio Spurs. It was rather nice to see the Lakers gather themselves up, and […]

Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard Hold Key to Los Angeles Lakers

Dwight Howard Pau Gasol

I’ve discussed this before, and I’m sure so have plenty of other sports analysts, but I find it’s a point that cannot be stressed enough, especially considering the recent season ending injury to the Los Angeles Lakers’ leader Kobe Bryant. […]