The Playoff Implications of the Last Night of the NBA Regular Season

Well, it has been an exciting regular NBA Season, but by the end of the night each team will have played 82 games and it’s time to move on to the playoffs. Not only will each team finish with 82, […]

NBA Cancels Summer League with Looming Lockout

The NBA has pulled the plug on the 2011 summer league, the college internship program and the usual summer involvement with Europe because of the great chance of no NBA after June 30. The Collective Bargaining Agreement between NBA owners […]

Andrew Bynum’s Injured Legacy

The Los Angeles Lakers ended their five game losing streak Tuesday, but the 102-93 victory against the San Antonio Spurs brought more frowns than it did smiles because Andrew Bynum found himself on the ground with his hands clenched around […]

Derrick Rose is the best story, not the MVP

ESPN’s John Hollinger wrote a column called “The Derrick Rose Story” March 31 about the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose not being the Most Valuable Player, but the best story line of the season. After reading the piece twice, painfully, I […]

The 2010-11 NBA Season’s Playoff Players: Eastern Conference

The 2010-11 regular season is winding down as most NBA teams have four or less games left in their schedule. 15 of the 16 playoff teams are official, but I think it is safe to say the postseason participants are […]

San Antonio Spurs end six-game skid against the Phoenix Suns

The San Antonio Spurs were on the longest losing streak of the Tim Duncan era heading into Sunday’s game against the Phoenix Suns. Duncan and crew did not allow the skid to reach seven as the Spurs dominated the Suns […]

Video: Derrick Rose plays Defense

Throughout Derrick Rose’s MVP type season, the Chicago Bulls point guard has repeatedly been criticized for not playing defense. The Toronto Raptors learned Rose could play a little defense the hard way Saturday night when Rose recorded three blocks and […]

Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini visits the pound

Allen Iverson was pulled over in his Lamborghini Wednesday in Atlanta when officers notice expired dealer tags. Iverson left the scene by hopping into his friend’s Rolls-Royce that had followed him while the Lamborghini exited on a hitch towards the […]

The Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Hornets and Memphis Grizzlies duke it out for playoff seeding

The Portland Trail Blazers are tied with the New Orleans Hornets for the six seed in the Western Conference, but the Hornets have the advantage because they own the one-on-one series with the Blazers. The Memphis Grizzlies are only a […]

Jalen Rose pulled off the air by ESPN

Former NCAA and NBA star Jalen Rose now has another former in his resume for the moment, former ESPN analyst. ESPN has pulled Rose off of its airwaves because of his DUI arrest March 11 in his home state of […]

Last Chance to play FREE Friday Night NBA Fantasy Challenge

This week Court Crusades has promoted its Friday Night NBA Fantasy Challenge with DraftStreet. Today is the last chance for this free opportunity to win the cash prize. Register to take advantage of the contest and play the challenge on […]

Isiah Thomas: If Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson were my size, they wouldn’t rate

Isiah Thomas was a great player in the NBA in the 1980′s and early 1990′s, but as he gets older, he is losing his mind. Thomas won back to back championships with the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons in 1989 and […]