Los Angeles Lakers Center Pau Gasol Says He's Ready to Play Internationally if the Season is Cancelled

Pau Gasol has recently come on record saying that if the season does lock out “Spain would be the first choice—I wouldn’t say only one, but the first.”  One has to wonder if he’s not the first in the league […]

So: Scottie Pippen Isn't Insane And Delusional Afterall

After making an audacious, if not atrocious, remark that LeBron may be “the greatest ever” while Michael Jordan was simply the “best scorer ever,” Pippen has retracted his remarks, undoubtedly because of the 2011 LeBron James “Chokefest.” Jordan had so […]

The Orlando Magic Reel In Two Prospects In Second Round of NBA Draft

Many of us expected a drastic move by the Magic to acquire a second fiddle for Dwight Howard. Once again, we saw how unrealistic those hopes were, as the Magic were unable to work any magic of their own on […]

The Orlando Magic Need to Trade for The Sixers Andre Iguodala

Sure, there is the notion that the thing the Magic need most is a primary scorer. If that were true, then the clear pick here would be Golden State’s Monta Ellis. Iguodala gives the Magic something they, and most teams […]

Five Greatest NBA Finals Moments In LEGOS

When you have nothing better to do with your time, you can accomplish some incredible feats.  Boredom has produced some of the most inspired works, from rubber band balls to videos involving lego people.  If it can be done, someone […]

David Robinson Will Retain His Title As My Favorite Player Ever


Well, about two weeks ago, I received a package in the mail addressed to me in my own handwriting.  It seemed weird.  I didn’t remember sending out any manuscripts recently that would have necessitated putting a SASE in, so I […]

Over/Under on Baron Davis Weight Gain

Who is going to set the over/under on how many MONTHS it will take Baron Davis to reach 300 lbs after he quits playing? He’s battled weight problems his entire career and there were rumors he weighed as high as […]

The Orlando Magic Should Select Greg Smith With the 54th Pick

The Magic have no backup center for Dwight Howard, and short of just acquiring Tony Battie or Jeff Foster, or the like, they could work with another project big man in Greg Smith of Fresno State.  One thing he doesn’t […]

Dirk Nowitzki: The 7 Foot More Scary Version of Larry Bird

OK, so that is a stretch.  A colossal stretch.  Dirk Nowitzki is really good, easily the best International player the NBA has seen, but he isn’t Bird.  Still, that said, he can do things that Bird couldn’t do.  He makes […]

Are the Miami Heat DESTINED to Win Multiple Championships?

As I predicted at the onset of this series, the Heat have taken control of this series.  This time, down the stretch, it was a Chris Bosh jumper that gave Miami the go-ahead basket.  For a team with three serious […]

LeBron James: An EXTREMELY Versatile Defender

In last night’s Heat – Bulls game, we got to see some defense from LeBron that we knew he was capable of, but may not have realized just how capable he is of it.  What I am talking about, of […]

Should the Orlando Magic Trade Up For a First Round Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft?

The Magic (foolishly?) dealt their first round pick to Phoenix, leaving the possiblity for finding a good prospect for the future closed. There’s a number of players in the 2011 NBA Draft that could help the Magic but trading up […]