Luol Deng: You Can't Outplay LeBron James Every Night

Luol Deng has shown a lot of ability this year in the NBA Playoffs. He outplayed Josh Smith in 4 of the 6 games in the second round series, and he matched Danny Granger of the Pacers in round one. […]

So, It Comes down to the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls

After watching Derrick Rose take it to the Hawks for six games, I’m still not ready to annoint him as the “Playoff MVP” (if such an award existed). LeBron James, though I have my distain for him, is playing out […]

Chris Bosh's Wimpiness Provides Unexpected Humor

This video was not intended to be a laugh fest, but it became one when Bosh claimed his major neck injury was a cramp he woke up with after sleeping.  When players like Rondo play with a seriously injured elbow […]

Should the Orlando Magic Re-Sign Earl Clark?

Stacey Augmon played for 15 seasons and wrapped up his career in Orlando

The Magic received Clark as part of a throw-in when they dealt Mickael Pietrus, Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, and a 2011 1st round pick for Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Clark.  He hasn’t received a lot of playing time, but […]

I Guess Now It Just Comes Down To The Orlando Magic Begging Dwight Howard

Please Stay Dwight

The Orlando Sentinel recently put together a presentation that pleads with Dwight Howard to stay with the Magic. Sadly, it is going to probably come down to this.  The Magic have a desperate need for a secondary scorer on offense.  […]

Can the Orlando Magic Be The 9th Team All Time to Overcome a 3-1 Deficit?

Remember this guy?!

The year was 2004.   The Magic, after splitting the first two games in Detroit, came home and won two straight to take a 3-1 series lead.  The opponent, the future NBA Champion Pistons, made a small adjustment.  They put then-rookie […]

Orlando Magic Fate: It All Depends on Jason Richardson

Photo c/o The Orlando Sentinel

With Jason Richardson struggling, it has become very apparent that the Magic are for all practical purposes a two man team right now.  Richardson was the second leading scorer in the regular season at 13.9 points per game.  Point guard […]

And Game Two Goes to the Orlando Magic by 6 Over the Atlanta Hawks

J.J. Redick's steal in the second quarter ignited a huge Magic run

Once again, the Magic received significant contributions from only two players, Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard, but this time, the Magic won, despite shooting 5 of 23 from behind the arc.  Atlanta had the 4th best opponents three point field […]

Dwight Howard Wins Third Consecutive Defensive Player of the Year Award

Dwight has solidified himself as one of the best defensive players in the history of the NBA.  Not only did he block over two shots a game again (2.4), but he also increased his steals average from 0.9 to 1.4.  […]

Are Orlando Magic Players Cheating the "Fear the Beard" Oath?

Gilbert took his vow sacredly.

Dwight, from day one: “We thought about the bald heads, but some of us — myself — don’t look right with a bald head. Then we thought about letting our hair grow out; then [we realized] we’ve got a lot […]

In a Hilarious Side Note: Jason Collins

Collins works hard to accomplish nothing

Just a few days after I write about what a horrible player he is, Collins records 1 point in 17 minutes, while also recording 6 fouls and fouling out.  Many of the fouls were ineffective ones at that, as Dwight […]

Don't Panic, Magic Fans

Jamal Crawford is a much more effective 6th man than J.J. Redick

Okay, so the two best players on the Magic had dominant games and the Magic still lost.  Is that a reason for despair?  Maybe, but we’re not going to take that stance.  The fact is, if the rest of the […]