The Miami Heat and the Top 5 Teams Likely to Win a Championship in 2012

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Derrick Rose Is More Valuable Than Lebron James

Even though this is the NBA lockout, and there likely won’t be a season…there is no reason to discuss why Derrick Rose is the most impressive player in the NBA for a reason that hasn’t been talked about. I love […]

Top Shawn Kemp Dunks of All Time

Shawn Kemp of the Seattle Super Sonics is one of the best Dunkers of all time. Especially in NBA Jam. When I think of the word Boom-shacka-lacka I think of Shawn Kemp. For your video entertainment- Shawn Kemp Ladies and […]

Top 10 Facial Dunks in 2010

In light of the NBA lockout- I missed seeing Derrick Rose fly over defenders and dunk so I went on a Youtube spree of watching sick dunks. Check out some of the nastiest “posterized” dunks in 2010.

Ron Artest Won’t be a Peace Until Warrants Taken Care of

Well- Ron Artest is still Artest after a judge denied his request of a name change to Metta World Peace due to Artest’s outstanding traffic warrant. This disappoints many including Artest who had a celebratory BBQ all planned. I mean […]

Charles Barkley Advises Derrick Rose Not to Play in China

Derrick Rose has Charles Barkley in his ear. Interesting that sir Charles is giving life advice, but this time- it makes some sense. Barkley has advised Derrick Rose not to go play over seas if the lock out goes as […]

Kobe Bryant Injures Man at Church: Lawsuit Coming?


The Los Angeles Lakers have been in the news quite a bit this offseason. Kobe Bryant has now decided it was his turn at being a headline. Although, I bet he wish it was for something a little more positive. […]

Joakim Noah is a Post Game Away From Being a Dominant Chicago Bulls Center

I want to come out and say right now that I was the only one out of my group of friends that LOVED it when the Bulls drafted Joakim Noah. Everyone else? Upset. Unhappy. Ticked off. Let me say, it […]

The Chicago Bulls Should Make Derrick Rose a Shooting Guard


The Chicago Bulls are a team that’s going to be feared as Derrick Rose moves further a long in his career. I’m going to throw my opinion out there, assuming that this won’t be taken well. The Chicago Bulls should […]