Cleveland Cavaliers: Chicago Bulls Gain Edge Over Cavs After Kevin Love Trade

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are absolutely stoked with the news that a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love is everything but official at this point. And shouldn’t they be? Going from perennial losers after The Decision to […]

NBA Would Make Monumental Mistake Forbidding Players From Playing Internationally

2014 USA Basketball Team

Following Paul George‘s hair-raising and heart-wrenching injury, many are wondering if there will be backlash from the NBA. Specifically, will the Association start banning players, or perhaps at least star players, from participating in international play, whether it be for […]

Paul George’s Gruesome Injury a Disheartening Loss to Team USA, Indiana Pacers

Paul George Injury

It’s always the most frightening moment in sports when you see a player have a serious injury. Such was the case in the Blue-White game tonight during the third quarter. Paul George, the Indiana Pacers‘ young superstar, was hustling on […]

Derrick Rose is Back, Ignites During USA Basketball Blue-White Game

Derrick Rose Blue-White Game

It was evident right from the start of the Blue-White game in Las Vegas that Derrick Rose is still one of the best players on the planet. No one was quite sure how he’d perform right off the bat because […]

Predicting Team USA’s 2014 FIBA World Cup 12-Man Roster

2014 Team USA Roster

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2014-15 Chicago Bulls are Not 2010-11 Team All Over Again

2014-15 Chicago Bulls Roster

As I listened to “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000 today, the major topic of discussion was, of course, the Chicago Bulls‘ recent reentering of the Kevin Love sweepstakes. It was clear that co-hosts Marc Silverman and Tom […]

Despite Not Landing Carmelo Anthony, Chicago Bulls’ Roster Has Filled Out Well

Chicago Bulls 2014-15 Roster

Going into the 2014 NBA free-agency period, it seemed to be Carmelo Anthony or bust for the Chicago Bulls. I certainly bought into that, as I’ve been saying for the past six months that he’s exactly what the Bulls are […]

Fake ‘LeBron James Has Signed With Cleveland Cavaliers’ Posts Becoming Excessive

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some social media. It’s all great, especially for breaking and spreading news. But recently, and mostly today, I’ve found that I’m slowly getting more and more sick of loading up my Facebook and […]

Kevin Love, Golden State Warriors a Match Made in Heaven

Kevin Love Golden State Warriors

Some things just go really well together: Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, swashbuckling and pirates — bet you weren’t expecting that one. In the case of where Kevin Love might and should be traded to, his perfect match […]

Chicago Bulls Would Be Making Huge Mistake Trading For Kevin Love

Kevin Love Chicago Bulls

The latest on where Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love could end up is the Golden State Warriors in a deal that would include at least David Lee and Klay Thompson. This has led some to wonder what the Chicago Bulls‘ […]

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony’s Simply Waiting for Chicago Bulls to Clear Cap Space

Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls

It’s no secret that over the past few months — really since the All-Star break when Joakim Noah allegedly talked to Carmelo Anthony about coming to the Chicago Bulls during this upcoming free-agency period — Melo wants out of the […]

Ultimate Team Basketball Continues to Be Epitomized by Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Team Basketball

Does anybody remember when the Chicago Bulls were 12-18 and tanking seemed like the only logical answer to their season? It’s pretty hard to remember all the way back to those first couple depressing months of the season, especially considering […]