Casey Drottar

Moss Right to Claim Indians Have No Heart

Brandon Moss claimed the Indians look like they're playing without heart after yesterday's embarrassing double-header, and he couldn't be more correct. Read More

Kevin Love Tells Cavaliers He Plans on Returning

According to the latest report, Kevin Love has recently indicated to the Cavaliers he plans on re-signing with them despite the constant rumors of his wanting to play elsewhere. Read More

Indians Should Consider Trading Carlos Santana

The Indians are likely going to be sellers come this year's trade deadline, and Carlos Santana is definitely a player the team needs to move. Read More

Cavs' Confidence in Re-Signing Love Very Telling

Cavs GM David Griffin claimed he fully expects Kevin Love to be back next season, and there's reason to believe this makes the situation much more likely. Read More

Cavaliers’ Draft Displays Focus on Cap Space

Make no mistake, Cleveland's draft strategy was developed with maintaining any possible cap space as the top priority. Read More

Kevin Love Opt Out is No Surprise for Cavaliers

Kevin Love may have opted out of the final year of his deal today, but by no means does this indicate he's officially leaving the Cavs. Read More

Pryor Pickup is a No-Lose Situation for Browns

The Browns signed former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor off waivers yesterday, and there are a few reasons why this is a win-win scenario for the team. Read More

David Blatt Rumors Show Deeper Problem with Cavs

David Blatt is still hearing rumors about his job, and this is starting to point to a potentially bigger problem within the Cleveland Cavaliers. Read More

Don’t Make Too Much of Wade-to-Cavs Rumors Yet

Despite more evidence Dwyane Wade might actually be considering a move to Cleveland, it's tough to buy into the rumors at the moment. Read More

How Much Longer Can Indians Watch Bourn Struggle?

Michael Bourn is simply not earning the massive salary he's being paid this season, and you can't help but wonder how much more time will pass before the Indians do something about it. Read More