NBA Rumors: “Not A Chance” Dwight Howard Would Stay in Houston After Next Year


he NBA rumor mill is riding the carousel again. Sources close to Dwight Howard say that he would not stick around with the Houston Rockets after next season if traded there. Houston has emerged as a possible suitor for the gregarious big man. […]

SuperSonics Fans Root Against OKC, Make A Trip To Miami For NBA Finals


If you live outside of Florida’s state boundaries you would be hard pressed to find fans rooting against The Oklahoma City Thunder. They are America’s darling at the moment. OKC is young and humble, basically the antithesis of what everyone […]

LeBron James Has Grown Up at The Right Time In The NBA Finals, On The Biggest Stage


After three NBA Finals games the Miami Heat are in a good position. A familiar one in fact. A year ago, the Miami Heat led the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals 2-1. It seemed like they were unstoppable. The […]

Is NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant Overpaid?


If you created a list of the NBA’s most overrated players how far would you get before you mentioned Kobe Bryant? If you are a Lakers fan, that name probably never makes this list. It would seem like being a […]

Phil Jackson Would’ve Turned Down An Offer From New York Knicks


Legendary head basketball coach, Phil Jackson knows basketball and what it takes to win a championship. As a coach, Jackson is an 11-time champion. So his opinion on the dynamic that it takes to win is important. If he believes […]

Expect A Great Series From Heat, Thunder

NBA Finals

Fortunately for NBA fans, they have the NBA Finals match-up that they have been craving since the playoffs began. In previous years the NBA has missed out on the LeBron vs Kobe battle. For three years, between 2008-2011, Bryant held […]

What’s Next for Miami Heat, Boston Celtics after Game 7

Dwade LeBron

Preachers in lower socio-economic areas and US Presidents sell hope to their constituents, some of which is never fulfilled. Unfortunately for the Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers did not have another riveting speech to rally the troops behind his bully pulpit. The […]

LeBron James Lived Up to The Hype, At Least for Game 6


When watching a performance like LeBron James’s superlative inducing one in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, you cannot help but to contemplate the historical context. He led the Miami Heat in every perceivable way by strapping the team […]

Orlando Magic to interview Shaquille O’Neal for GM


The Orlando Magic are pulling out all of the stops in order to keep Dwight Howard in a Magic uniform. Today the team took a step forward in their search for a general manager, inviting a very high-profile candidate to […]

Kevin Durant has Overtaken Kobe Bryant in my NBA Power Rankings


When Kobe Bryant sat for the final game of the season -needing 38 points to obtain a third scoring title over eventual winner, Kevin Durant- he proverbially passed the torch to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s superstar as the second best […]

The Miami Heat Have as Many Liabilities as Assets


If The Miami Heat had lost to the Indiana Pacers in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals -no matter the final tally-, in the words of Kevin Hart “It was about to go down.” All three levels of the […]

LeBron James is Right, Post Play is “Taxing”


LeBron James is the best player in the NBA, no qualms, no caveats. He does have flaws however. The Miami Heat star is not a great closer. There are several examples of failed opportunities in the clutch. This topic has […]