Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers Slept on Geriatric Brooklyn Nets


The Los Angeles Clippers slept on the Brooklyn Nets and paid dearly. The geriatric Nets played like the team many around the NBA thought would make their final curtain call in the NBA Finals, while their point guard, Deron Williams, played […]

Blake Griffin: Los Angeles Clipper All-Star Could Make A Case For Most Improved


The odds of getting the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft are better than the odds that the draftee will be worth the rabbit’s foot in the pocket of the franchise representative holding the rights to the pick. Therefore, making […]

Addition of Stephen Jackson Gives Los Angeles Clippers Much-Needed Toughness

s. jackson

There’s no true formula to building a championship team. The same NBA draft that can introduce the league to Hall-of-Fame player Michael Jordan can imprison a franchise with former Portland Trail Blazers pick Sam Bowie, a college mega-star that never saw success outside of […]

Los Angeles Clippers Are Better Than Average

Kobe Returns

The Los Angeles Lakers have been embedded in Los Angeles sports culture for more or less 40 years. They were always the team beat. The euphoria of NBA Finals and parades was too intoxicated to stop, and they didn’t — until now. The […]

Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul Is Best Point Guard City Has Ever Seen

best in LA

Athletes are too harshly judged by the number of championships they win throughout their professional basketball careers. It’s often the last line of defense when comparing players at different positions in another era. Considering the variables that have to fall […]

Los Angeles Clippers: J.J. Redick Injury Forces Team To Expedite Growth Of Backups


For the Los Angeles Clippers, losing  guard J.J. Redick is nothing short of inconvenient. Losing one of the most feared marksman in the NBA is a humbling setback, but it could very well be a blessing in disguise for a deep team that often […]

Chris Paul’s Value To Los Angeles Clippers Deserves Recognition


Baring an invasion by an extraterrestrial being that sucks the basketball DNA out of the three-time NBA MVP Lebron James, the Miami Heat forward can expect to add more hardware to his collection. James’ broad shoulders and video game stats make it difficult for anyone to argue […]

Los Angeles Clippers Take Care of Personal Business vs. Sacramento Kings Before Battling Indiana Pacers


To say that tonight’s match-up against the Sacramento Kings is a must win for the Los Angeles Clippers would be like claiming that bulletin board material does in fact motivate an inferior team to slingshot their way to an improbable […]

Los Angeles Clippers Living a Temporary Life of Leisure


According the NBA schedule, the All-Star break is more than two months away. According the Los Angeles Clippers‘ schedule, it seems as though that break came early. On Sunday, the Clippers blew out the Chicago Bulls, who were coping with […]

DeMarcus Cousins’ Snub Only Provides Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul With Extra Motivation

Paul Kings

Let’s get this straight: the Sacramento Kings lost a close game at the Staple Center to the Los Angeles Clippers, prompting promising young point guard Isaiah Thomas towards center court to exchange NBA pleasantries with Clippers point guard Chris Paul, only to […]

Los Angeles Clippers’ JJ Redick Has Worked Himself From Role Player to Difference Maker


Los Angeles Clipper shooting guard JJ Redick entered the league as Duke University‘s all-time scoring leader and the most prolific three point maker in NCAA‘s  history. His career at Duke was well worthy of the retirement of his jersey in 2007, but […]

No Need For Alarm, Los Angeles Clippers Are Right Where They Should Be

Clippers Growing

A lot has been made of the Los Angeles Clippers and their not-so-impressive start in this NBA season. They’re third in the Pacific Division with a record of  7-4, one game behind the Golden State Warriors and two games back to […]