Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin Proving Not a Finished Project


The 2013 NBA season is still in its infant stages. In fact, the opening tip was just a few weeks ago, yet pencil in the name Blake Griffin as the most improved player for the Los Angeles Clippers. Before statisticians get their pocket protectors […]

Los Angeles Clippers: Matt Barnes’ Tough Guy Act Has No Place In The NBA


The Los Angeles Clippers went into their locker room down nearly double digits to the Oklahoma City Thunder and without reserve tough guy Matt Barnes for the second half  of Wednesday night’s game. Barnes put an end to a rock, paper, scissors bout […]

Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder Preview Playoff Matchup


The preview of what should be the Western Conference finals series between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder had the excitement of a playoff atmosphere predicated on a Thunder team playing without their lumbering center Kendrick Perkins, and opting to make the […]

Blake Griffin The Only Thing Standing Between Los Angeles Clippers And A Title

Blake Griffin

Blake bashing seems to be the latest trend in NBA world. When Blake Griffin debuted with the Los Angeles Clippers not many knew what to expect from the no. 1 pick in a weak draft who spent his entire rookie season sidelined due […]

Los Angeles Clippers Unable To Take Their Show On The Road


What do you do when you inherit a young, talented, and restless team that lacks discipline in just the second week of the NBA season? You take them to South Beach. At least that what Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers had […]

Los Angeles Clippers’ JJ Redick’s Fast Start Bolstering Their Offense


Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard JJ Redick got off to another fast start in Monday night’s blowout win against the Houston Rockets. Since becoming a Clipper, the former Orlando Magic guard has been the most consistent scorer not named Chris […]

Los Angeles Clippers Could Be Collateral Damage in Dwight Howard’s West Coast Return

Howard is back

The basketball gods are smiling down at the Los Anegeles Clippers — sheepishly. The Clippers have bolstered themselves into the class of NBA elite in the past six months, and they’re being tested early and often with a schedule of […]

Los Angeles Clipper Bounce Back From Loss, Prove Greatness is a Process


There’s a reason the Golden State Warriors’, Stephen Curry is seen by many as the next Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. After Thursday night’s 44-point and 15-assist performance, the Clipper’s $100 million man proved that there’s only one CP3, as he and […]

Los Angeles Clippers Must Play Stout Defense To Avoid Falling To 0-2

Clipper Warriors

The Los Angeles Clippers are set to host the Golden State Warriors in their first home game of the season, banners covered and all. But let’s be real. It’ll take more than covering up a few banners to avoid an […]

Los Angeles Clippers Continue to Give Up Their Milk Money To Los Angeles Lakers

Defeated Coach

The Los Angeles Clippers‘ season debut against a Los Angeles Lakers assured the Lakers faithful that the Clippers are still the Clippers, and pedigree can withstand a cold summer. For the new-look and better-coached Clippers, Tuesday’s matchup wasn’t a matter of who […]

Los Angeles Clippers Shouldn’t Measure Success On Outcome vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Clipper open

It’s a classic case of hurry up and wait. Los Angeles Clippers fans have have had a restless summer in anticipation for the upcoming NBA season. A new coach, an upgraded roster and an All-Star point guard committed for another half decade […]

Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul Is Supposedly The Best Point Guard In The League


If a game show contestant was asked to name the best point guard in the NBA, his response would be in the neighborhood of, “Can you use that in a sentence?” A few weeks ago, the answer to that question […]