Dorell Wright to Become a Shooting Guard?

With several of the Monte Ellis trades involving small forwards, what does this mean for Dorell Wright? One would assume that if the Warriors traded Ellis for Andre Iguodala, Lamar Odom or Luol Deng that they would take over as […]

Can Hollywood Help Our Lockout Blues?

I know we are all going to miss the NBA season. So here are a list of my top 13 favorite basketball movies of all time. Sure it’s not the same as watching the NBA season but at least it’s […]

Will Next Season’s Golden State Warriors be Stephen Curry’s Team?

Whether you like him or not the Warriors have been Ellis’ team over the last couple seasons. He has been the go to man when it counted and to be fair he wanted the ball in his hands at all […]

If the Lockout Takes a Year What will the NBA do for the 2012 Draft?

This is a question that has been plaguing me. I have yet to find the answer anywhere online. Maybe one of you readers has it and can shed some light on the subject. There are three ways I look at […]

Warriors and the Rest of the NBA Locked Out

So it finally happened. The NBA players have officially been locked out. It looks as if it’s almost a guarantee that there will be no season at all next year. So all that exciting news that has been coming out […]

Golden State Warriors Aquire D-League Team

Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors are now the proud owners of the Dakota Wizards. The Warriors become the 8th NBA franchise to purchase their own D-League team. I assume the Warriors will now use that team as their […]

Golden State Warriors are Keepin Andris Biedrins for now.

In an interview with Joe Lacob done by Tim Kawakami Lacob was asked if Houston had made an offer for Biedrins. Here was Lacob’s answer: “Yes. Others have, too. I’d say a number of teams have expressed interest in Andris. […]

Grading the Warriors Draft Day

Now that the draft is done in I’ll give my two cents on how they did. If I had to give them a grade it would a C+. They did a decent job. Nothing super exciting but there is some […]

Welcome to Golden State Klay Thompson

With the 11th pick in the NBA draft the Golden State Warriors selected Klay Thompson. I am kind of excited about this pick. It should keep the Warriors back court as one of the most deadly in the NBA. Thompson […]

So Many Monta Ellis Trade Rumors These Days

While listening to sports talk radio on my way home from work they cut away from the show for a sports news update. The latest in basketball trade rumors was the Los Angeles Lakers trading Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown […]

Golden State Warriors are Looking into Robin Lopez

According to the Suns and Warriors have discussed a trade that would involve Robin Lopez for the 11th pick and Ekpe Udoh. Boy I sure hope that is a joke. Last season Robin Lopez was surpassed by the two […]

Robert Rowell Leaves Golden State Warriors

Earlier today Golden State Warriors president Robert Rowell stepped down to pursue other business opportunities. In other words he was fired and allowed to save face. Rowell was a terrible team president and has not done much to improve the […]