Al Jefferson Shows He Can Lead in Kemba Walker’s Absence With Dominating Performance

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Al Jefferson entered the Charlotte Bobcats‘ franchise with high expectations headed his way, and all of those had to be fulfilled if he wanted to live up to his fat contract. With a bumpy start to begin (sat several games […]

James Southerland’s Charlotte Bobcats Career Couldnt Have Been Any Shorter

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It was a very short start to an NBA career for former Syracuse star James Southerland this season. The undrafted small forward got three minutes with the Charlotte Bobcats and then it was all over. How would you feel if three […]

NBA Fans Need to Realize the Charlotte Bobcats Are Not 7-59 Anymore

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Far too long have the Charlotte Bobcats been deemed as the laughingstock of the NBA, but truly, those comments should come to an end as Michael Jordan has developed a team that may score a playoff berth. It is without the slightest […]

New Charlotte Hornets Merchandise Will Fly Off Shelves

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After the highly anticipated Charlotte Hornets brand identity was unveiled in late December, Bobcats fans directly shifted their focus on to when the new merchandise would finally debut. The new Charlotte “purple and teal” looked to be a hit for […]

Chris Douglas Roberts Will Once Again Become A Bench Warmer For Charlotte Bobcats

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When the Charlotte Bobcats decided to suddenly sign fifth year swingman Chris Douglas-Roberts, it was clearly an attempt to build depth at the forward position. At first, it seemed CDR would receive a solid role in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist‘s absence, and he […]

Bobcats Gain Win Over Knicks Behind Al Jefferson’s Big Stat Line

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An extremely hot night by both Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker can only mean one thing for the Charlotte Bobcats, great success. In a game that needed to be a win for the Cats to get back on track, the […]

Biggest Non-Factors For The Charlotte Bobcats So Far This Season

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It has been a season of mixed results for the Charlotte Bobcats so far. We have seen breakout years become a reality, we have seen players’ seasons come to a saddening end due to injury, and then we have seen […]

Charlotte Bobcats Must Stop Hurting Themselves

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After a strong start to the season, the surging Charlotte Bobcats looked poised to take advantage of the horrendous Eastern Conference. Now almost a week and a half into the new year, the Cats have lost their fifth spot in […]

Charlotte Bobcats Outplayed in Every Category with Loss to Minnesota Timberwolves

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There was no fourth quarter collapse, and no second half inconsistency to discuss in this contest. There is truly only one thing to say about the Charlotte Bobcats‘ 119-92 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night: The Cats simply […]

Charlotte Bobcats Throwback: Eduardo Najera

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Eduardo Najera is a name that is seldom heard by any NBA fans today, and especially fans of the Charlotte Bobcats. This is most likely due to his short time in Charlotte. Najera was drafted with the 38th pick in the […]

NBA Trade Rumors: Charlotte Bobcats Looking To Move Ben Gordon

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NBA fans should seriously not be the least bit surprised with these recent developments. The Charlotte Bobcats are actively shopping $13 million shooting guard Ben Gordon. Again, $13 million? Why did I provide that tag line with his name? The former […]

Michael Jordan’s One Game Return Was Silliest NBA Rumor Of All Time

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Did any of you NBA fans out there really expect to see Michael Jordan playing one game in a Charlotte Bobcats uniform this season? Well, according to ESPN’s Jalen Rose, in early October, that was a done deal. How is that […]