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Dave Daniels

5 Reasons Why Wade Shouldn't Be All-Star Starter

Dwyane Wade's production has gone up this season from a scoring perspective, but that does not mean he deserves an Eastern Conference All-Star starting spot. Read More

5 Reasons Why Anthony Shouldn't Be NBA ASG Starter

Carmelo Anthony may be one of the NBA's top scorers, but that does not mean he deserves to be an All-Star starter. Read More

5 Rookies Who Could Win Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

There are a lot of high-jumping rookies who might win the 2015 NBA dunk contest, but these are the five most likely with one honorary mention thrown in. Read More

What Should D.C.'s Favorite Franchise Improve On?

The Washington Redskins must improve in many ways over the offseason, but these are five crucial areas for growth. Read More

5 Early-Season Trade Targets For the Knicks

The New York Knicks are mess right now, and it should surprise no one to see them pursue the following players. Read More

5 Things We Learned About the Redskins in 2014

The Washington Redskins will always stink while Daniel Snyder owns the team, and here are five other things D.C. fans have realized. Read More

5 Reasons the Patriots Won't Win Super Bowl LXIX

The New England Patriots are entering the postseason with high confidence, but they will not win Super Bowl LXIX. Read More

Gatorade Commercial Features Derek Jeter and MJ

Gatorade celebrated 50 years of existence recently with a creative commercial featuring Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan among other famous athletes. Read More

John Wall Owns the New York Knicks in Recent Spot

Washington Wizards PG John Wall dissed the New York Knicks in a recent advertisement for "Taken 3," and it is quite funny if you wish to check it out. Read More

Improving John Wall Earns Hubie Brown's Praise

John Wall has proven himself as an All-Star-caliber point guard, and Hubie Brown was full of praise for the point guard recently. Read More