Doc Rivers Has Tough Mission to Accomplish with Los Angeles Clippers

Doc Rivers

The long awaited trade of Boston Celtic head coach Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers was finally agreed upon Sunday evening after a week’s worth of off-again, on-again talks between both sides. The deal – pending league approval – […]

Retirements of Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan Will End Era

Kevin Garnett Tim Duncan

In the wake of the San Antonio Spurs‘ Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, it is obviously not the first time that we have questioned the future of the great Tim Duncan. However, it did bring […]

Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles Clippers would be great for Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Kevin Garnett

  Monday morning, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers renewed trade talks, per ESPN reports, that centered on Kevin Garnett and Head Coach Doc Rivers going to Los Angeles. Heading to Boston would be center DeAndre Jordan, forward Caron […]

Comparisons of Miami Heat Stars to Best All-Time Duo Need to Stop

Dwyane Wade Lebron James

With the evolution of LeBron James as the NBA’s best player, media and fans alike are quick to compare him to past greats of different eras, from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, to even this era’s greatest player, Kobe Bryant. But, […]

Julius Erving Paved the Way for Future Basketball Stars

Julius Erving

In an era before extensive news coverage, cellular phones, internet and social media being about 45 years premature, few people knew of him. As the story goes, unless you saw it, you missed it. The stories of Roosevelt, New York’s […]

Grant Hill’s Career a Classic Tale of What Could Have Been

Grant Hill Phoenix Suns

NBA 19-year veteran Grant Hill announced his retirement Saturday while a guest on the NBA on TNT pregame show prior to Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. And while Hill did have a successful career – especially when you consider the […]

San Antonio Spurs Keep Beating Conventional Wisdom

San Antonio Spurs

In a league that has become more about up-and-down, run-and-gun, and small ball, the San Antonio Spurs are an anomaly. They are an older team at their core, and have been called old for years now. But the only thing […]

Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Emerging Into Star

Paul George Indiana Pacers

It was Friday night, Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Final between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. Sixteen seconds were left in the third quarter. Pacer guard Paul George held the ball at the top of the arc. […]

NBA Rumors: Does Dwight Howard Have Teams on Short List?

Dwight Howard Los Angeles Lakers

According to Comcast NBA analyst and NBA on ABC correspondent Ric Bucher, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard‘s list of teams he would like to play for this upcoming season are “premature”. By now, everyone knows of the soap opera Howard created […]

Bryan Colangelo to Remain Toronto Raptors President But Should Have Been Let Go

Dwane Casey Toronto Raptors

Contrary to early reports, Bryan Colangelo will not be relieved of his duties as team President of the Toronto Raptors, instead just relieved of his General Manager position. But the Raptors should have just let him go entirely. The team wants to keep […]

Los Angeles Clippers Make Wrong Move by Not Offering Vinny Del Negro Extension

Vinny Del Negro Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers announced Tuesday that they will not offer head coach Vinny Del Negro a contract extension, ending his tenure as Clipper head coach. In three seasons, Del Negro was 128-102, including a franchise best 56-26 record this […]

Bryan Colangelo’s Exit as Toronto Raptors’ General Manager and President Not Unexpected

Toronto Raptors

Reports surfaced yesterday that Toronto Raptors’ General Manager Bryan Colangelo will not return next season after seven years as the team’s GM and President. It is about time. While the Raptors had success in their first year under Colangelo, winning […]