Avery Johnson: Unrealistic Expectations got Brooklyn Nets Coach Fired

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When you’re young you have dreams and you mentally mark them down as goals. The younger you are the higher expectations you have for yourself. In early preteen years you likely have dreams of being an astronaut or a doctor, […]

5 Names Outside Pelicans the New Orleans Hornets Wanted to Use

New Orleans Pelicans

Golden State Warriors: Guard Klay Thompson is Wildly Underrated

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The Golden State Warriors are off to a pretty solid start to the season, having won nine out of their first 15 games. Head coach Mark Jackson has a lot to do with it as well as the much maligned Joe […]

Portland Trail Blazers: Forward Nicolas Batum Exceeding Expectations


Covering the NBA is all about paying attention to superstars and the markets that matter. But what about finding a superstar before they become one in a city which should matter? The Portland Trail Blazers have been a sneaky good organization […]

Washington Wizards: Rookie Bradley Beal Struggling


The Washington Wizards had fairly high hopes for this season. Last season was a disaster and their front-office knew it, jettisoning a slew of their troubled players mid-season. All of this was done in hopes of saving their potential superstar John […]