How James Dolan Ruined The New York Knicks (Again)


James Dolan has made no shortage of questionable ownership decisions during his JFK Jr.-like piloting of the New York Knicks. This is a man who still (tacitly, of course) consults Isiah Thomas on personnel decisions, and has for a decade. […]

NBA Rumors: Welcome to the Lin Star State


Jeremy Lin, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Mark Spears, is close to becoming a member of the Houston Rockets. After signing his offer sheet, it’s being reported the New York Knicks are nearing a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers for […]

Dirk Nowitzki batting practice? Dirk Nowitzki batting practice.

Dirk Nowitzki’s always been known to enjoy his off-seasons, from riding rides at Legoland: To jamming on-stage with the Avett Brothers: Wanna watch a few cuts of Dirk Nowitzki batting practice? Of course you do. Man, he’s just like a […]

How to Win at NBA Free Agency


Every year during the NBA Free Agency season, some owner’s going to do it. Some owner’s going to bring home the Rashard Lewis Certificate of Achievement for signing a player to a preposterous sum of money, despite wise economic, financial […]

In Defense of Skip Bayless


Skip Bayless got absolutely crushed by Mark Cuban on air yesterday. In case you spent your Friday curled up in the fetal position watching Law & Order: SVU reruns, here’s the video again. Skip’s central arguments: “Was that not the […]

LeBron James: Winning Is A Decision


“I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach,” proclaimed LeBron James some 23 months ago. “The Decision” was a watershed moment for the NBA, a Brave New World where players could dictate the terms of where and for what they […]