Rodney Stuckey Needs To Keep Showing Detroit His True Value

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Maybe Rodney Stuckey has some value left to the Detroit Pistons. The veteran Pistons guard, who might be playing his last NBA season in Detroit, returned to the lineup Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies after sitting out the preseason with a […]

Charlotte Bobcats 2013 Player Profile: Ben Gordon

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Ben Gordon, despite his shooting talents, didn’t seem to blend in appropriately for the Charlotte Bobcats last season in their struggles to a 21-61 NBA record. It’s hard to say whether he will this year although he does have the talent to evolve into […]

Detroit Pistons Need To Keep Using Will Bynum As Starter

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New Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks might want to think about keeping Will Bynum in the starting lineup. Bynum has usually been effective from off the bench in his NBA career for the Pistons. He’s the type of player who just would never fit in as a starter, […]

Charlotte Bobcats 2013 Player Profile: James Southerland

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James Southerland did enough to make the roster for the Charlotte Bobcats. Now the rookie from Syracuse wants to show that he is more than just a player happy to have a roster spot. Southerland was a darkhorse to make […]

Boston Celtics 2013 NBA Profile: Kris Humphries

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Kris Humphries has plenty of reasons for wanting to have one of his best NBA seasons and for looking to be a major impact player for the Boston Celtics. This might be Humphries’ last chance to reinvigorate his career, which […]

Atlanta Hawks 2013 Player Profile: Mike Scott

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Mike Scott played during the preseason like he means serious business this season for the Atlanta Hawks. If that turns out to be the case, the Hawks are going to be in excellent shape with their personnel. Scott saw action […]

Atlanta Hawks 2013 Player Profile: Kyle Korver

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver‘s role is very obvious with the Atlanta Hawks. It’s twofold: shoot the 3-pointers and make the 3-pointers. It was a no-brainer for the Hawks to sign Korver to a new four-year deal during the offseason. They needed him […]

Detroit Pistons 2013 Player Profile: Chauncey Billups

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Chauncey Billups came back to the Detroit Pistons for more than just making amends for having traded him five years ago. The Pistons are confident that Billups, at age 37, still has two good NBA years left in him, maybe three, […]

Detroit Pistons 2013 Player Profile: Charlie Villanueva

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The Detroit Pistons have been waiting for five years for Charlie Villanueva to earn his NBA paycheck. Considering Villanueva is earning $8 million this season for the pact he signed in 2009, the Pistons badly want to get their money’s worth. Villanueva has just never quite […]

Kyle Singler Emerges Again As Key Player For Detroit Pistons

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Kyle Singler is playing the role for the Detroit Pistons that is looking very similar to what he did as a rookie. Unlike many others on the team, Singler is doing something that really draws the eye of his coaches: […]

Cleveland Cavaliers 2013 Player Profile: Anthony Bennett

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked many professional observers last June when they selected Anthony Bennett No. 1 in the NBA draft. It wasn’t really a draft where one player stood out, so Bennett’s selection shouldn’t have been too surprising. The Cavaliers were […]

Peyton Siva Needs To Impress Detroit Pistons Coaches More

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The fact that the Detroit Pistons are a little shorthanded at guard right now will be a chance for rookie Peyton Siva to see what he’s got, and the Pistons are somewhat impressed by what they see. In his first […]