LeBron James: It’s Time to Respect His Greatness

LeBron James Big Game

Fans around the country really enjoy hating LeBron James. I do not understand why people hate the Miami Heat superstar with such passion. I’m not even a NBA fan, and I respect the heck out of this guy. Maybe it […]

Derrick Rose is Chicago Bulls Voice of Reason

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There’s many things one can say about Derrick Rose. From being one of the game’s best and hardest working players to playing with reckless abandon, Rose is a breath of fresh air in a league full of prima donas. When […]

Should the Chicago Bulls Have Kept Omer Asik and Not Taj Gibson?

Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls are given a free pass by local media. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a strong influence over how the Bulls are covered (he also owns the Chicago White Sox; and both teams are separately on both Chicago sports […]

Dwight Howard: Have We Seen the Best of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Big Man?

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Los Angeles Lakers‘ center Dwight Howard is one of the league’s most fascinating and to those that are Lakers’ fans, frustrating stories of the 2012-13 season. When the Lakers added Howard to the squad, the Lakers moved onto everyone’s top-team […]

Should the Chicago Bulls Bench Derrick Rose for the Season?

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Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose isn’t afraid to throw his body around on a basketball court. The kid is one of basketball’s hardest workers, and his body finally broke down last season during the playoffs. After all the contact and […]

NBA Rumors: Is Kobe Bryant A Good Trade Fit With the Chicago Bulls?

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The Los Angeles Lakers are a train wreck this season. Despite adding Dwight Howard and Steven Nash, the Lakers are a bad basketball team that will not even qualify for the playoffs. We’ve heard all the names being made available […]

Why Didn’t the Chicago Bulls Get James Harden?

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Once again, the Chicago Bulls are getting a free pass from the media. For a team that has been looking for a shooting guard since, I don’t know, Michael Jordan, the fact that they didn’t get James Harden is criminal. […]