Grading Each Offseason Transaction Made by Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Should Pursue Michael Beasley to Fill Void at SF

Los Angeles Lakers

Off-court temptations will forever be an ongoing issue for most NBA players throughout their respective careers. Some players are fully capable of avoiding these temptations, while some others have trouble resisting the urge to involve themselves in negativity. The primary […]

Top 5 Things Kobe Bryant Has Left To Accomplish With Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant #8

Top 5 Landing Spots For Rashard Lewis

Miami Heat

5 Bargain Free Agents Who The Los Angeles Lakers Must Pursue


Los Angeles Lakers in Play to Land Shawn Marion

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers may have filled out the majority of their roster already, but veteran SF Shawn Marion seems to be the team’s final primary target. The small forward position is seriously lacking for Los Angeles as Wesley Johnson is […]

Los Angeles Lakers’ Updated Depth Chart After Recent Signings

Jeremy Lin

Top 5 Underrated NBA Free Agency Signings of 2014

Chandler Parsons

Los Angeles Lakers Make Questionable Move, Claim Carlos Boozer Off Amnesty Waivers

Los Angeles Lakers

Well, it appears as if the Los Angeles Lakers have made yet another head-scratching move by winning the waiver auction of Carlos Boozer. Los Angeles appeared to address the lack of front-court depth subsequent to Pau Gasol‘s departure by re-signing […]

Julius Randle Displaying His Offensive Versatility For Los Angeles Lakers In Summer League

Summer League

The much anticipated NBA Summer League in Las Vegas is in full swing and finally so is Julius Randle. Randle was forced to sit out the team’s first game solely due to the fact that Los Angeles Lakers‘ management delayed his official […]

Pau Gasol Signs With Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers Balk at Sign-and-Trade Opportunity

Chicago Bulls

Immediately subsequent to the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ major signing of LeBron James, the NBA free agency floodgates finally burst opened as multiple big names have found new homes. The Los Angeles Lakers made their mark yesterday, acquiring Jeremy Lin and a future first round […]

Los Angeles Lakers Must Shift Focus Towards Building Suitable Roster for Kevin Love

Kevin Love

Fans, media personnel and NBA front offices have been anxiously waiting for the much anticipated decisions from both Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James regarding their respective free agency situations. Neither player has broken their now eleven-day silence, forcing a record […]