Game Preview: Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic

Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season kicks off Tuesday night with an Eastern Conference showdown between the Indiana Pacers and the Orlando Magic. Both teams were on opposite ends of the spectrum last year and this year is not looking to be any different. The Pacers […]

3 Things Indiana Pacers Must Do To Defeat Miami Heat

Pacers Team

For the past two years, the Indiana Pacers have been the main team to take out the Miami Heat in the eastern conference. Last year, they forced the Heat to seven games before bowing out yet again to the defending […]

George Hill Has Already Proven Himself To Indiana Pacers

George Hill

The Indiana Pacers have plenty of shooters on the team, including their point guard position taken up by a true shooting guard. Guard George Hill was added to the Pacers in 2011 from the San Antonio Spurs where he played shooting guard. […]

Indiana Pacers Do Not Need Danny Granger To Be An All-Star This Year

Danny Granger

After last year when All-Star Danny Granger missed all but five games with an injury, the Indiana Pacers were ruled out of advancing far in the playoffs. Obviously, they made it farther then anyone predicted by pushing the Miami Heat […]

Indiana Pacers Player Profile: Luis Scola

Luis Scola

The Indiana Pacers‘ primary goal during the offseason was to enhance their bench, which ranked near the bottom last year in the NBA. The Pacers’ starting five are pretty much solidified, but they went after another potential starter in forward Luis […]

Good and Bad Reasons Why The Indiana Pacers Should Be Serious About The Preseason

Pacers Team

The NBA preseason has been one of the most talked about times to determine if it should even be considered or if teams should just start with the regular season opener. Each fan has their own take on what their […]

Indiana Pacers 2013-14 Profile: Chris Copeland

Chris Copeland

  The Indiana Pacers decided to tune-up their bench this offseason, which ranked near the bottom of the league in production, by being very aggressive in who they went after. The Pacers picked up forward Chris Copeland from the New York Knicks who will be wearing […]

Top-3 Reasons Why Indiana Pacers Signing of Paul George Will Pay Off

Paul George

The Indiana Pacers decided to skip all the “in-season drama” and sign the NBA‘s most improved player from last year in Paul George. He had an All-Star year filling in for injured star Danny Granger, averaging 17.4 points, 7.6 rebounds, 4.1 […]

Why Indiana Pacers Have The Best Big Men Combo With David West and Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert and David West

The NBA has had many superstars in the backcourt, but the league has certainly lacked the premiere “big men” over the past few years. The Indiana Pacers have veteran power forward David West and center Roy Hibbert to make a case for themselves as resurrecting the “big men” […]