Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors Rivalry Great for NBA

Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers

Let’s take a moment on this Friday night to pay homage to one of the best developed rivalries in the NBA. The NBA has great historic rivalries already, but the one that is shaping up in California is proving to […]

San Antonio Spurs Should Embrace Oakland Raiders’ Potential Move

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio is a city that is in the middle of a great run of civic luck. The economy is one of the strongest in the nation, unemployment is low, the San Antonio Spurs just won their fifth championship, bucking […]

Miami Heat 2014-15 Schedule: 5 Standout Games To Watch

Chris Bosh, Miami Heat

5 Games That Stand Out From Orlando Magic 2014-15 Schedule

Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic

One-Year Contract Good For Both Greg Monroe and Detroit Pistons

Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons

When the 2014 NBA free agency period opened up, one player that really wanted to go somewhere else was Greg Monroe. Unfortunately for Monroe, he found himself faced with the prospect of having to go back to the Detroit Pistons […]

NBA is Right to Counter-Sue Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers

It’s safe to say that Donald Sterling is not having a very good day. First, he officially lost the team he has owned for 33 years, as the NBA approved and officially transferred ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers to Microsoft giant […]

LeBron James’ Return To Miami on Christmas Will Be Must-See TV


We all knew this was coming. The NBA scheduling Gods just could not resist it. On Tuesday, the NBA announced that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will travel to South Florida to face Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the […]

Maurice Harkless Will Fit Better With Orlando Magic As the Sixth Man

Maurice Harkless, Orlando Magic

I like Maurice Harkless. I think he has shown some incredible growth over his first two seasons as an NBA player. Already, he is the team’s best one-on-one defender, and with a little more work, he could very well become […]

Los Angeles Clippers Have Weight Lifted As Steve Ballmer Officially Takes Over As New Owner

Steve Ballmer, Los Angeles Clippers

The Donald Sterling era in Los Angeles is finally over. No more talks of player strikes; no more torture from the media; no more moronic litigation. It all came to an end on Tuesday. The NBA officially welcomed Microsoft billionaire […]

Charlotte Hornets Could Be Eastern Conference’s Dark Horse Next Season

Noah Vonleh, Charlotte Hornets

I remember the days when the Charlotte Hornets were viable contenders in the East. The old Charlotte Coliseum was a tough place to play, and greats like Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson and Glen Rice were carrying the Hornets to the […]

LeBron James Returning To Ohio Means He Does Get It

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Editor’s note: In response to Ian Van Doren’s “LeBron James Still Just Doesn’t Get It” LeBron James‘ heralded return was seen as both triumphant for a hometown hero and as a publicity stunt to promote James’ so-called “self-serving ego.” The […]

Houston Rockets Are More ‘Pretenders’ Than ‘Contenders’

James Harden. Houston Rockets

Outside of their back-to-back championships in 1994 and 1995, the Houston Rockets have always had the stigma of a team that is immensely talented, but lacks the heart and desire to achieve their ultimate goal. One of the biggest reasons why […]