DeMarcus Cousins Returns To Help Sacramento Kings Trounce Chicago Bulls

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Derrick Rose had a front-row seat to a massacre Monday night. Things got so out of hand many Sacramento Kings fans took off to hit the exits in the third quarter. It sounded a lot like Super Bowl Sunday, but […]

Sacramento Kings: How Is A Team With This Much Talent This Bad?

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How do the Sacramento Kings have fantasy league darlings DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas and the talents of Rudy Gay forming their core and sit 15 games under .500? That’s a question I often get mainly because of fantasy roster implications, but […]

Dwyane Wade And the 10 Most Charitable NBA Players


Sacramento Kings Make NBA History Despite Loss To Memphis Grizzlies

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The Sacramento Kings have had a series of firsts this season. They were first to use Google Glass during an NBA game and became the first franchise to accept Bitcoin currency for online purchases and team store transactions. Yeah, the Kings have been […]

Finals Rematch Between Kevin Durant, Lebron James Seems Unlikely

LeBron James-Kevin Durant

Last season, the Miami Heat swept the season series with the Oklahoma City Thunder. On Wednesday, their Finals matchup — and rivalry — added another chapter to the books. The Thunder prevailed and even as fans and analysts tried to […]

Marcus Thornton’s Career Night Not Enough For Sacramento Kings In Overtime Loss

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Marcus Thornton entered Friday’s game averaging just seven points per game, but he opened the first quarter with 24 points going 4-for-6 from beyond the arc. Thornton finished the game with a career-high 42 points as the Sacramento Kings fell […]

Sacramento Kings: Google Glass Usage More Than Publicity Stunt

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We’ve seen the Jetsons cartoons with the whizzing cars and snippy robots come full circle. First it was the wearable wristwatch smartphone with the Galaxy Gear. Technology just seems to work better when it’s combined with sports. However, in this […]

Dennis Rodman Under Investigation Over North Korea Trip

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Well, maybe now he won’t run for any sort of public office. Being a politician isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, as Dennis Rodman found out the hard way on Friday morning. The Daily Beast reports Rodman is facing […]

Does Carmelo Anthony Deserve Blame For New York Knicks’ Failure?

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This team was supposed to challenge in the Eastern Conference. Coming off their first Atlantic Division win in nearly 20 years the New York Knicks were supposed to contend with the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. Instead they took an […]

DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Added To Team USA Player Pool

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The Sacramento Kings are enjoying lots of good press these days, and are thriving when it comes to the bottom line. The Kings’ profits this year are estimated at $12 million according to Forbes magazine. On the court, DeMarcus Cousins, who […]

Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins’ All-Star Hopes Quickly Diminishing

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DeMarcus Cousins has made headlines all season long, and not the ones you would expect from the supposedly immature star. Cousins was named Western Conference Player of the Week and has recorded 13 straight games with a double-double. His numbers […]

Sacramento Kings Go State Of The Art, Become First Franchise To Accept Bitcoin

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When Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive bought the Kings last year for nearly half a billion dollars, he promised to make the franchise one of the most technologically-savvy in the NBA. The Kings’ arena was falling apart literally, and the […]