The Los Angeles Lakers Need to Show More Physicality

Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen

The Los Angles Lakers are not a championship team and they should be, but what are they missing? They need more energy and the players on the court are not getting the job done. People believe it’s the relationship between […]

Dwight Howard Should Sign with the Seattle SuperSonics

Dwight Howard

After months of painful Los Angeles Lakers losses, one thing is certain. The Lakers are just not that good. They have nobody coming off the bench scoring any impacting points, they don’t know what defense is and Kobe Bryant can’t […]

Andrew Bynum Needs to Recognize that Kobe Bryant Helped His Career

Kobe and Bynum

Arrogance is a trait in professional sports that is often celebrated. The greatest athletes in the world are brought up to believe they are the best thing to ever walk the earth. Some people can handle it, others cannot. Recent […]

Kobe Bryant: A Los Angeles Lakers’ Story

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

When you think of the first 17 games the Los Angeles Lakers have played this season, the first word to come to your mind should be disappointment. If the Lakers were the Los Angeles Clippers, you’d probably just call it […]