Los Angeles Lakers Should Deal Dwight Howard to Los Angeles Clippers


The Los Angeles Lakers should complete a sign-and-trade deal to move Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Clippers. If Howard is planning on entertaining offers from around the league, which everyone knows he is, it shows he’s already planning to sacrifice […]

Los Angeles Lakers: Is It Shaquille O’Neal’s Duty To Mentor Dwight Howard?

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Shaquille O’Neal is hard on Dwight Howard. He’s harder on Howard than he is any other starting center in the NBA, including Brook Lopez and DeAndre Jordan. While criticizing the Los Angeles Lakers center, he seems to praise others as a method of putting Howard down. Shaq recognizes that he […]

Will Kobe Bryant Leave Los Angeles Lakers To Capture A Sixth Ring?

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Before his Achilles injury at the end of the regular season, Kobe Bryant was giving interviews in which he stated that he may retire after his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires. Before his Achilles injury, Bryant was […]

Toronto Raptors: Masai Ujiri Doesn’t Want General Manager Job

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The Toronto Raptors have vowed to improve. Moves they’ve made include bringing in Rudy Gay and reportedly trying to bring in Phil Jackson. Now, they’ve allegedly offered Denver Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri a five-year deal worth nearly $3 million […]

Are the Golden State Warriors on Dwight Howard’s List?

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The Golden State Warriors historically and culturally aren’t the California team that attracts top free agent talent. However, after making it into the second round of the playoffs and losing with class in Game 6 to the San Antinio Spurs, […]

What Are Toronto Raptors Up To On Twitter?

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The Toronto Raptors twitter handle is @Raptors and it is a great way to get to know the Raptors and the culture a little bit. You will soon find out, the Raptors are much more than the team Vince Carter and Chris Bosh played on for […]

A History Refresher of Charlotte Hornets

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On Tuesday, Michael Jordan announced that the Charlotte Bobcats intend to become the Charlotte Hornets now that the New Orleans Hornets have rebranded themselves as the New Orleans Pelicans. Charlotte is free to rebrand itself with the original name of the basketball team before the old team left for […]

Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Will Not Make A Run At Dwight Howard?

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Earlier this week, it was reported by the Dallas News that the Los Angeles Clippers would make an attempt to sign Dwight Howard. The idea came after the team lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs, […]

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Is About To Cue Up the Circus Again

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On July 1, the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Dwight Howard becomes a free agent. And, according to a Sunday night report by CBS Sports, Howard intends to explore his options outside the Lakers. It looks like the circus will be coming back […]

Steve Nash Will Play Out His Los Angeles Lakers Contract

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During the past season, Los Angeles Lakers point guard (and sometimes shooting guard) Steve Nash experienced significant setbacks in the form of numerous injuries that impacted his entire season. At this present time, it doesn’t look like Nash will be able to […]

Los Angeles Lakers Need Metta World Peace To Opt-Out

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One of the fall-outs of the Los Angeles Lakers poor season is that the team will be under pressure to gut the lineup, in addition to the problem of cutting down the excessive payroll they amounted last summer. However, the issue with […]

Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki To Turn Them Into A Super-team?

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The Dallas Mavericks have only committed $48,489,849 in payroll for the 2013-2014 season. This means they aren’t locked into any contacts and they have plenty of funds available before they hit the salary cap to build a super-team for the final year […]