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Kristen Fazio

NBA Unveils Ugly 2014 Christmas Day Uniforms

When will the madness stop? NBA still using ugly Christmas Day uniforms. Read More

D-Rose Doesn't Always Properly Express Himself

Derrick Rose's comments certainly came off the wrong way, but make no mistake about it; he is as committed as ever. Read More

NFL Stringing Adrian Peterson Along

The league has no intent in swiftly deciding Adrian Peterson's fate. See why the league is deliberately stringing the Vikings RB along. Read More

D-Rose Steadying Presence For Bulls' Offense

Derrick Rose steadies the offense and makes things easier for every player on the Chicago Bulls. Read More

Bulls Struggling On Defense and On the Glass

One aspect of the Bulls' game fans didn't see coming was their defensive struggles so far this season. Read More

Top 5 Current Nicknames For Bulls Players

While most know them for the names across their back, find out which Chicago Bulls players are also known by a different name. Read More

Joakim Noah's Knee Is Worrisome for Bulls

If Noah's knee hampers him for whole season, it can become issue for the Bulls. Read More

5 Keys To Second Half of Vikings' 2014 Season

At the midway point, these are five things to look forward to in the second half of the Vikings' season. Read More

Nikola Mirotic Worth The Wait For Bulls

Nikola Mirotic has been as good as advertised for the Chicago Bulls this season. Read More

Top 5 Overreactions To Bulls' First Week

Find out what things were blown out of proportion in the Chicago Bulls' first week of action. Read More