Harrison Barnes Could Work Really Well as a Sixth Man


Harrison Barnes had a pretty successful rookie season in the NBA last year. He averaged 9.2 points and grabbed 4.1 rebounds per game shooting 44 percent. Those are pretty decent numbers for a rookie, but nothing spectacular. Barnes instead really showed his worth […]

Golden State Warriors Should Play Small Ball


Just like how players grow and change their games, so does the NBA. These days, there is much less emphasis on post play and a much higher emphasis on three pointers. Shooting has become the primary focus of a lot of […]

How Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson Can Improve

Klay Thompson

One of the better nicknames last season was given to the back court duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They were deemed  “Super Splash Brothers”  for their incredible three-point shooting. The Golden State Warriors were very effective offensively last season due to the large […]

Golden State Warriors: Top 5 Games on 2013 NBA Schedule

Steph Curry

How Golden State Warriors Will Replace Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry

Jack and Landry

The Golden State Warriors made the playoffs for the first time since 2007. The team was explosive, versatile and maybe most importantly deep. Golden State had a solid backup at every position. With the addition of All-Star forward Andre Iguodala, the […]

Are the New Orleans Pelicans Headed in the Right Direction?


One of the biggest topics in the NBA right now is the New Orleans Pelicans. A whole lot of it isn’t even about the team, but the new team name. Opinions are pretty split, but I for one am a huge […]

Golden State Warriors Poised To Be A Great Defensive Team

Stephen Curry & Mark Jackson

For the first time in years, the Golden State Warriors showed signs of being a good defensive team. They finished last season with a 105.5 defensive rating. That is the average points allowed per 100 processions. That mark was 14th-best […]

Top 15 NBA Free Agent Signings So Far This Offseason


Washington Wizards Signing John Wall to a Max Extension is a Good Deal

John Wall

It was first reported a couple weeks ago that The Washington Wizards and John Wall were working towards a max contract extension. It seems the two parties have come to an agreement. Source: John Wall has officially signed a maximum contract extension worth approximately […]

Golden State Warriors Rumors: David Lee Headed For the Trading Block?

David Lee

The Golden State Warriors have inquired about a trade with multiple teams involving their All-Star power forward David Lee. The team talked to both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Toronto Raptors, according to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. […]

Golden State Warriors’ New Offseason Additions Make Them a Top Team in the West

Andre Iguodala

With the NBA well into the offseason and team’s rosters mostly set, the landscape of the Western Conference is starting to shape up. The Golden State Warriors lost a competitive six-game series with the San Antonio Spurs in the second […]