Wolves Make a Huge Come-Back but Fall to Celtics in What Should Have Been a Home Game

Kevin Garnett

I currently have another job working at a casino bar that pays my bills, and unfortunately they don’t always get the Wolves on TV there.  Last night was one of those nights, so I had to miss my favorite player […]

The 2009 Draft and the Ricky Rubio Situation Pt. 2


So, in part 1 I talked about why the Wolves HAD to draft Rubio when he fell to them at 5, and I tried to make sense of the 3 (actually 2) point guard selections by the Wolves in 09.  […]

Love Could be Shut Down for Remainder of Season

Kevin Love (The Associated Press)

Head coach, Kurt Rambis told reporters last night that there was “an outside chance” that Kevin Love would be shutting it down for the remainder of the season, because of the groin injury that he suffered against Utah and re-aggravated in […]

Anthony Randolph Steps up to Replace Love, but Wolves Fall Short 104-96


The Timberwolves began a two game road-trip last night, but they left their star player, Kevin Love, back in Minnesota with a groin injury. Replacing him in the starting lineup was Wolves’ newest addition, Anthony Randolph who managed to score […]

The 2009 Draft and the Ricky Rubio Situation: Pt. 1

rubio flynn

If there has been anything that has been as frustrating as the losing for me this season, it is the way that big market media (mostly out of New York) has been trying to lead NBA fans to believe that […]

Wolves Court is Now in Session

Welcome to Wolves Court, a blog on all things Minnesota Timberwolves from the Rant Sports Media Network! As fellow Wolves fans know, being a Timberwolves fan hasn’t been easy since the KG era and that trip to the Western Conference […]