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Is LeBron James' Return To Cleveland Cavaliers The Greatest Sports Story Ever?

LeBron James finally made his decision on where to play. He’s going back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers again. If he brings the city an NBA championship this may be the greatest sports story ever.

The Cavs have been pitiful since James left four years ago. They were winning 60 plus games a season with him. Everything was rolling and then James saw an opportunity with the Miami Heat that he couldn’t pass up. Everybody was bashing James at the time, but he made the right choice. Nobody liked the way he handled switching teams back then, but it was the best opportunity to achieve his goals at that time.

The NBA is a business. Players want to make their mark, but want to win titles also. At that time, the Cavs weren’t James’ best option. I’m sure any person with a “normal job” would jump at the chance to work with better teammates and have the chance to be at the top of their industry.

Looking at the current Cavs roster, there is potential there for a title, but I won’t be predicting anything for this year. The Cavs’ front office have to have a plan – do they stay young and build or do they go for the title right now?

Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Dion Waiters are great building blocks for the future. There’s no doubt that James will make these guys much better. He showed that ability before as he made Anderson Varejao viable.

The Cavs could also bring in Mike Miller or Ray Allen to be role players and add veteran leadership.

They could also swing a deal for Kevin Love which could make them immediate title contenders. However, I don’t think there is any scenario that wouldn’t have them shipping Wiggins away in that deal.

Whether the organization chooses to build this team for the long-term with LeBron as the mentor, or ship some guys off to acquire another star, they immediately become contenders in the watered down Eastern Conference.

The reason this is a great story is because it obviously restores James’ credibility. There are plenty of people that won’t ever like James. This guy is the best player in the world and to ignore his accomplishments due to spite, is frankly childish. I think most people are willing to forgive him now that he’s returning.

He will never be able to please everyone. LeBron will have enemies as long as he lives. He has realized this and just doesn’t care anymore. He chooses the best thing for him and his family, just like anyone else would. He’s larger than life, but he’s not a king nor a god. He’s a human being full of mistakes and emotions.

He has MVP trophies, and titles but his career won’t be defined by those things, at least not in his mind. He let a lot of people down four years ago. You could tell it hurt him to crush the hopes of that many people. He wanted to smooth things over and make things right, that’s why he never ruled out a return home.

The choice to return is now his legacy. Chasing Michael Jordan takes a backseat now. Bringing a title to Cleveland is more important in his heart. He will be untouchable if he brings the city it’s first professional championship since the 1960’s. 

Teams sell hope to their fans every year and LeBron has restored hope in Cleveland and in the hearts of all of those that believe in doing the right thing. He believes bringing his career full-circle like this is the right thing to do in his heart and soul. 

This has the potential to be the one of the greatest stories in sports history. If you aren’t cheering for James and the city of Cleveland you must have a screw loose.

This truly feels right. Depending on how all of this unfolds, this may be the greatest sports story in history and we will all be witnesses.

Matt Banks is a writer for Follow him on Twitter @MattBanks12, “Like” him on Facebook and add him to your Google+ Network.

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