The Chicago Bulls Consider Waiving Nate Robinson

Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

Outside of the occasional ill-advised 20-footers, or unnecessary celebrations after almost every play good or bad; Nate Robinson has played well for the Chicago Bulls this season, but has he played well enough to keep him on the Bulls’ roster? […]

Chicago Bulls: Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

Rajon Rondo wasn’t the only point guard on the floor Tuesday night when the Boston Celtics strolled into town to take on the Chicago Bulls. However, the other point guard was more of a point-center. I’m referring to Bulls’ center […]

Chicago Bulls: Luol Deng Has To Play Better

Howard Smith-US Presswire

Luol Deng is long, athletic, and versatile; but he’s also inconsistent, passive, and did I mention inconsistent? One night Deng will drop 20 plus points and the next only four. It’s this inconsistency that makes me question him. I don’t […]

Marquis Teague Is Finally Proving His Worth

Brace Hemmelgarn-US Presswire

After a bad stretch of games during summer league many wondered (myself included) if Marquis Teague was ready for the NBA, but Teague’s recent play has put all those preseason worries to a end. Teague struggled in summer league mainly […]

Ricky Rubio’s Return Puts Pressure On Derrick Rose

Dennis Wierzbicki-US Presswire

In less than nine months after tearing his ACL Minnesota Timberwolves‘ guard Ricky Rubio returned to action last week. In limited minutes Rubio’s scoring was unimpressive, but his passing was on point as he dished out nine assists, and had […]

Chicago Bulls: Eric Gordon for Luol Deng?

Derrick E. Hingle-US Presswire

I’ll be the first to admit the Chicago Bulls are going to have to get another superstar alongside Derrick Rose in order for the Bulls to make a serious push at a championship. But, how far is Chicago willing to […]

Chicago Bulls Schooling the Los Angeles Lakers

Howard Smith-US Presswire

What happens when you cut the head off a snake? It dies. Right? Wrong. Just look at the Chicago Bulls even without their “head” in Derrick Rose they continue to fight, battle, and scrap every night. Rose is out with […]

Joakim Noah Finally Gets Revenge

Howard Smith-US Presswire

Cheering, Booing, heckling, derogatory gestures; all things you can expect from fans when playing in the NBA. Just ask Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah who was motivated in the Bulls’ Wednesday night match up against the Philadelphia 76ers solely from the […]

Los Angeles Lakers: The Excuses Stop Here

David Richard-US Presswire

Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace, and Antawn Jamison. No these aren’t names from the All Star ballot, they’re names from the Los Angeles Lakers roster. Talented right? Yet, they’re 9-13 on the season. Let me break that […]

Chicago Bulls Offense Continues To Struggle

Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

The Chicago Bulls hung tight against the Los Angeles Clippers last night playing good, hard defense but fell short of a victory. Why? Because in order to win a game of basketball you have to outscore your opponent which the […]

Andrew Bynum Is Done As A Dominant NBA Player

Howard Smith-US Presswire

Andrew Bynum has gone from being the potential face of the Philadelphia Sixers to the biggest joke of the league. Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take confirmed that he spoke with a Sixers ‘inside source’ who said, “Bynum’s knees are […]

Joakim Noah Sows While Chicago Bulls Reap

Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

While LeBron James and Kevin Durant were in London beating up on international teams, and sharing hugs with the First Lady during the off-season; Joakim Noah was doing pool workouts with big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton and weekly workouts with Kareem […]