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Metta World Peace Blog: Getting Ready for China

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I have been to China before, but living and playing there will be an exciting experience.  There are some things I am looking forward to in China and some things I will miss about being in the USA. 1) Chengdu […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Celebrate National Play-Doh Day

Metta World Peace

Today is National Play-Doh Day, a day that celebrates one of America’s favorite toys. Twitter@realtalkwithmwp InstagramMettaworldpeace FB

Metta World Peace Blog: Top 10 Daily Things to Do

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When you are on the grind, sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on your goals. But, I find the best way to stay successful is to create lists and stick by them. This is the Top 10 Daily Things […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Time to Introduce My Fourth Children’s Book

Metta World Peace

Everyone remembers their favorite book growing up: Cat in the Hat, Charlotte’s Web, Harry Potter, Curious George. I especially loved any book by Dr. Seuss. This is why I am releasing my fourth children’s book called “Metta: The Panda’s Friend.” I […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Donate Your Sneakers

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Sneakers were made for two reasons: to support our beautiful feet and to keep us stylish. In sports apparel, we have a billion-dollar industry and it’s growing. It is an individual’s choice to buy a big brand name shoe, or […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Anthony Davis is Unspoken Leader of Team USA

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I love working together as a team. But, there is always one person that naturally has the intution and intelligence required to anticipate what your team members will need in order to succeed as a group. That’s what I feel […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Much Love for Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines

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Pacman and The Panda’s Friend sounds like the ultimate arcade game. Manny Pacquiao is an international star, I have much love for the Philippines. I am thinking of China right now and I am excited for this season as a […]

Metta World Peace Blog: The Life of an Insect at the US Open

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I am enjoying watching the US Open! Serena Williams is my favorite player because she is the Lebron James of women’s tennis: aggressive and dominant, Venus is an influential leader. It’s both tough and rewarding to be able to play […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Sports Video Games are Too Realistic

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Sports video games are too realistic. I looked at photos of the new NBA game, and I thought the season was starting early. What if athletes were able to play in an animated version of themselves when they got injured? […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Don’t Question Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather

Questioning a boxer’s reading ability is like laughing at an elephant for not climbing a tree. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a phenomenal athlete with street smarts and a business mind. If you challenged him, I know he could even be […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Finding Manziel

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The Cleveland Browns have chosen Brian Hoyer as their starting QB over Johnny Manziel. As much as taking a chance on a young talented player is great, experience really matters. Cleveland teams have a history with second comings (look at […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Ode to Dick Bavetta

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Dick Bavetta is the man that could ref anything and anyone. Yes, he could even get a job as a referee for ants to share their food. Bavetta has been a ref longer than I have been on this planet […]