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Metta World Peace Blog: Much Love for Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines

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Pacman and The Panda’s Friend sounds like the ultimate arcade game. Manny Pacquiao is an international star, I have much love for the Philippines. I am thinking of China right now and I am excited for this season as a […]

Metta World Peace Blog: The Life of an Insect at the US Open

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I am enjoying watching the US Open! Serena Williams is my favorite player because she is the Lebron James of women’s tennis: aggressive and dominant, Venus is an influential leader. It’s both tough and rewarding to be able to play […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Sports Video Games are Too Realistic

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Sports video games are too realistic. I looked at photos of the new NBA game, and I thought the season was starting early. What if athletes were able to play in an animated version of themselves when they got injured? […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Don’t Question Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather

Questioning a boxer’s reading ability is like laughing at an elephant for not climbing a tree. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a phenomenal athlete with street smarts and a business mind. If you challenged him, I know he could even be […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Finding Manziel

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The Cleveland Browns have chosen Brian Hoyer as their starting QB over Johnny Manziel. As much as taking a chance on a young talented player is great, experience really matters. Cleveland teams have a history with second comings (look at […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Ode to Dick Bavetta

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Dick Bavetta is the man that could ref anything and anyone. Yes, he could even get a job as a referee for ants to share their food. Bavetta has been a ref longer than I have been on this planet […]

Metta World Peace Blog: What Would be my Super Power?

Metta World Peace

I see too many young and talented athletes who don’t have the chance to play to their potential because of injury. I mean, imagine if D Rose didn’t have to sit out because he had to ice his knee? Chicago […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Vera vs Rosado Hungry in the Pit – Contenders Canvas

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When there is less padding and no ropes, you pick the man who is hungrier and has more heart. Vera and Rosado are both in great shape, and it will be a toe-to-toe fight. But, I have to give the […]

Metta World Peace Blog: “I’m Not Done With the NBA”

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College students get to study abroad and discover a new environment. I never got to do that in college. I did play with some street ballers, which is like playing with no rules, no limits…it pushes you. They are raw […]

Metta World Peace Blog: The Panda Does Not Know Racism

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As a boy in Queensbridge, I was living in an urban playground. We had tigers and lions and lots of pigeons….and I’m not talking about the City Zoo. But when I heard about 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was killed by […]

Metta World Peace Blog: Depression Shouldn’t Have the Last Laugh

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You know when you tell a joke and everyone in the room is laughing except for you? Yes, mental health issues can affect even a funny man. The passing of Robin Williams (may he rest in peace) has brought the […]

Metta World Peace Blog: The Panda’s Friend Approves of PG-13

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Paul George’s recent injury looked like a tug of war between two Pandas fighting over the last bamboo stick. And as The Panda’s Friend, this is something you never want to see. But, as a former Indiana Pacers player and […]