The Atlanta Hawks are Down, But Far From Out


After the embarrassing game four blowout in Boston, the feeling was that the Boston Celtics would easily close out the Atlanta Hawks in game five of their first round playoff series.  But the Hawks had other plans, and got back […]

TNT Needs to Beat Charles Barkley Like a Drum


Make no mistake, I don’t take my political or social cues from people like former NBA star and current TNT broadcaster Charles Barkley.  What I do expect to take from “Sir Charles” is some insightful basketball analysis, and a few […]

Joe Johnson Fails to Show for the Atlanta Hawks Again


When you are an NBA player who’s team awards you with a six-year, $119 million deal, that’s a sign that you are expected to be the go-to guy, and leader of that team, especially come playoff time.  The Atlanta Hawks […]

Atlanta Hawks – Boston Celtics: First Round Playoff Preview


If anyone thinks that the Atlanta Hawks don’t have a hated playoff nemesis, think again.  The Boston Celtics have been the fly in the Hawks playoff ointment many times, and the rivalry has only gotten more heated over the past […]

It’s Gut Check Time for the Atlanta Hawks

With two games remaining in the 2012 regular season, it’s time for the Atlanta Hawks to take a hard look in the mirror and decide what they want to do in this year’s playoffs.  2012 will be the Hawks fifth […]

Atlanta Hawks Accomplish Two Big Goals

The up and down ride for the Atlanta Hawks hit a nice peak on Monday night against the Toronto Raptors.  After losing a heart-breaker to Toronto on the front end of a home-home on Sunday, the Hawks came back to […]