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Los Angeles Lakers Make Questionable Move Claiming Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to make a splash in free agency with Carmelo Anthony. On top of that, the organization lost Pau Gasol to the Chicago Bulls. Apparently, claiming Carlos Boozer as their free-agent consolation prize is Los Angeles’ […]

Charlotte Hornets Signing Lance Stephenson Another Step in Right Direction

Lance Stephenson

It is true that Lance Stephenson can be a distraction to the team. That is why the Indiana Pacers were not willing to re-sign him. They did not want to give him the money he was asking for only to […]

City of Akron to Throw Homecoming Party for LeBron James

LeBron James

The basketball fans of Akron, Ohio have already displayed their jubilation on social media in regards to LeBron James announcing his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Apparently, that is not enough as the community plans to throw a homecoming party […]

Chandler Parsons Felt Disrespected By Houston Rockets

Chandler Parsons

If you are a Houston Rockets fan, you can’t be too happy with how things went down this past week. First, Chris Bosh re-signs with the Miami Heat instead of inking a deal with the Rockets, which is what many […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Refuse to Trade Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins

Ever since LeBron James announced that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there has been speculation that the organization would make a high-profile trade for Minnesota Timberwolves big man Kevin Love. A major part of the rumor was that […]

Chicago Bulls on the Verge of Signing Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

The top free agent still available on the board is Pau Gasol. Sure, Carmelo Anthony is still the big fish, but it appears he will most likely re-sign with the New York Knicks. At this point, Gasol is the man […]

Owner Dan Gilbert’s Letter Could be Sole Reason LeBron James Doesn’t Sign with Cavaliers

LeBron James

Believe it or not, LeBron James signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency could come down to owner Dan Gilbert’s letter that clearly struck a nerve with the superstar. In fact, reports are surfacing that James is still bothered […]

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