My thoughts on some of the Bucks players development

One thing that frustrates me more than anything about the NBA over the years is the growing lack of shot selection and good offense. I’ve been watching the NBA since the 1990-91 season (yup grew up a Bulls fan sorry […]

Thoughts about the season, and predictions for next season

I’ve taken the last couple days trying to think about what my feelings are about this past season. I saw some articles about the end of the Bucks season, grading their performance and mostly being pretty negative, thought about doing something […]

Bucks beat the Thunder 110-106 in overtime to end the season

Well Bucks fans the season is over. For some of us that’s a big sigh of relief. For some of us it’s always sad no matter if it’s a good season or bad. After the impressive season last year, we […]

Where do you see Redd?

Was last night’s 93-86 win against the Toronto Raptors, Michael Redd’s last home game in a Bucks uniform? I say yes! I know Redd has been with the Bucks for eleven years. I know it is the only team he […]

Your probably bigger than Earl Boykins, but can you do this?

Some of my all time favorite basketball players are the little guys. Spudd Webb was awesome back in the day with the Hawks throwing down dunks in the dunk contest in 1986. Webb was only 5’7”, the fact that he […]

Milwaukee is eliminated, but take down the Heat 90-85

Milwaukee was eliminated from the playoffs after Indiana defeated the Washington Wizards. The Pacers game concluded during the Bucks game with the Miami Heat Wednesday night. The Bucks went into Miami to battle the Heats “big three” trying to hold […]

Bucks lose ugly game to Orlando 78-72

Well Bucks fans the Bucks went into Orlando last night against a clearly superior Magic team, and played Bucks basketball once again. Orlando’s Hedo Turkoglu started things off with a three, which began a 14-0 run to start the game. […]

A look at the future of the Bucks

Taking a look at the future of the Milwaukee Bucks I see some positive things. They may not make the playoffs this season, but that may not be a bad thing. They would have to play Chicago, and i don’t […]

Jennings struggles in regulation, but shines in overtime to beat the Sixers 93-87

The Bucks did it again, Saturday against the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. Milwaukee had a shot again to win. The regulation ended the way so many had before for the Bucks, they once again just couldn’t finish the game. The Bucks […]

Bucks lose playoff killer against the Pacers 89-88

Milwaukee went into Indiana Friday night to play the Pacers. The Bucks were three games behind the Pacers for the 8th playoff spot in the East, so Fridays game was a perfect opportunity to make up ground, and get back […]

Gooden helps close game against the Raptors 104-98

The Toronto Raptors came into the game Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks wanting to play spoiler, and put the Bucks another game behind the Indiana Pacers and Charlotte Bobcats for the 8th playoff spot. The Bucks have not lost […]

What happened to the Milwaukee Bucks?

The Milwaukee Bucks put together a 46 win season during the 09-10 season, and took a talented Atlanta Hawks team to a seventh game, before losing in the first round of last seasons playoff. Many around the NBA, thought a […]