Denver Nuggets’ Jordan Hamilton Show Glimpse Of Future Impact vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets held a comfortable lead over the Minnesota Timberwolves throughout most of Friday night’s game. However, late in the fourth quarter, the Wolves made an impressive comeback effort that fell just short as the Nuggets nearly handed the […]

Unsuspecting Stars Putting Up Big Contributions For Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors downed the Minnesota Timberwolves by a score of 106-93 on Wednesday night, and they did so behind the hot shooting hands of Klay Thompson and David Lee. Thompson was the leading scorer in the game, dropping […]

Minnesota Timberwolves Have The Pieces To Contend For Years

Kevin Love Kevin Martin

The Minnesota Timberwolves just earned their third win of the 2013 season with a 100-109 victory over the New York Knicks, and now with the team standing at 3-0 and still healthy, things look bright for the Timberwolves. Many rebuilding teams around the […]

Kevin Love Pushes Minnesota Timberwolves Past Orlando Magic

Kevin Love

The Minnesota Timberwolves got their first win of the 2014 season in their first game of the year against the Orlando Magic. The Wolves jumped out to an early 38-27 first quarter lead, but it took overtime for them to earn the 120-115 […]

Predicting The Final 2013-14 Record For Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz intentionally made their team worse during the offseason, but given the young talent they have, I believe it was the right move by management. The team is now without Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, meaning Gordon Hayward, […]

Predicting Minnesota Timberwolves’ Final 15-Man Roster

Rubio Dribble